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Oh I love all these pictures!!!  Kate, I cannot believe how much HAIR your cutie pie has! DH and I make bald babies, I guess!  Berry, Arwen has really amazing eyes.  Just piercing!  Seriously everyone, this whole group made CUTE babies!  The triplets just melt my heart lisedea!!  How are you managing??   This is Sander, around 9 weeks now.  As you can see from his arm and belly, he's a chubby little monkey!  DS1 was a skinny little thing.  They are so different and...
Thanks everyone!  I think the whole not eating supper thing really concerned me.  If he gets in a good breakfast and gets his multivitamin then I will not worry about the rest.
Awh, love it PBM! He really looks like a little man.    Here is Sander at 8 weeks:    
How warm will it be over night?  That would be my main concern.  If this isn't an issue, then I think that you can do tent camping.  Just make sure you have somewhere comfy to nurse and somewhere warm and comfy for baby to sleep (in bed with you or otherwise.)
That is re-assuring, thanks.  I feel like he's eating less lately, but maybe that's due to nursing more and getting more breastmilk since his brother was born.  I looked up caloric intake for a 3 year old and thought "no way he's getting 1000-1200 calories per day!"  But then I don't know how much breastmilk he's getting.  He's busy and skinny so I just want to know he's getting what he needs to grow and be healthy.
DS1 will be 3 in a few weeks.  I am really concerned that he isn't getting enough calories.   Today's intake:   Morning: nursed.  I don't know how much he gets.   Breakfast - Whole wheat toast with butter and honey, 1 egg scrambled with cheese   Snack - 1/3 cup (or so) greek yogurt, (also offered fruite smoothie, he didn't want it but had a few sips of mine)   Lunch - babybel cheese, a few sips of fruit smoothie (he wanted a nap, the cheese was...
Love this.   My DS1 tells me that mamma moot tastes like "Candy and chocolate".  The other day he wanted to nurse after his nap and noted with excitement "Mmmm, this moot is juicy!"  Lol! 
I agree with what the others have said so far.   During pregnancy, I limited nursing to first thing in the morning, nap time, and bed time.  That was our routine anyway.  I didn't have a ton of pain, but more some aversion.  I handled it by limiting time.  I would let him nurse while I sang our two bedtime songs at nap and bed time.  In the mornings it was longer, but I had less aversion (probably because I was still all comfy and relaxed in my bed and well...
Yes, protein is key I think.  When I was nursing DS1 at about the same age my hormones were totally out of whack and I was SO TIRED.  My natropath recommened boosting protein and it really helped.   Oatmeal is a good source.  You could try steel cut oats (so GOOD!) or oatmeal cookies (I just made a batch of "trail mix cookies" tonight.  I use an oatmeal rasin recipe, cut the sugar in half, use whole wheat flour instead of white, and chop up a bag of trail mix...
Has anyone tried baking bread (or anything else) in a counter top oven (like the big turkey roasters)? The weather has gotten very hot and so I want to minimize using my stove and could plug it in outside. We have a very old grill/bbq so I don't trust using that as I don't think it will maintain a steady temp. Thanks!
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