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Oh PBM, that us tough!!! My DD1 HATED his car seat, it was really hard to go anywhere! I hope that the trip and the moce go ok. I'm glad you are able to fly for the longer stretch. Gabi, i haven't heard of dark and sticky after the meconium stage, but do know there's a pretty wide range of normal. I hope BFing continues to improve. Lynann, glad you are doing well with 3 littles all at home! PM, how are things going? Did DHs visit go ok? I hope the Zoloft is helping....
I'm on maternity leave again so back to baking all our bread. I just use a whole wheat sandwich loaf recipe and make it with my mixmaster, as needed, with DS1's "help". I am planning on making Monday baking day as it's a good day to stay home and baking is a good activity for my two year old. Tomorrow i plan to do a batch of muffins, probably oatmeal strawberry.
Had to share one of my two boys from our newborn session 3 weeks ago (just got the photos yesterday!).  D and Sander.     
Congrats ladies!! So glad you all had safe deliveries! Trisha, my DS is Alexander too!
Thanks PBM.  I guess I'll have to wait two or so more weeks...Interesting that it's a wound.  I assumed it was just like shedding, like with a period.  I didn't have any tearing, so you mean in the uterus?  The undies I got are not quite that bad...but I usually wear stretchy gstrings so the fullback thing is not comfortable to me!  
That was me last time TJ. This time I'm on week 4 and still have light to moderate bleeding. My friend bled for the full 6 weeks with her first. There is a big range of normal. I'm getting pretty tired of wearing full back undies and pads though. Anyone know if I could use my Diva Cup at this point?
I wear a sleeping bra and pads at night too, otherwise I'd soak the bed! For disposables, I like the Johnson and Johnson ones best. I bought bamboobies this go round, and so far am leaking less than I did with DS1 so they work great for the day, and i have some thick wool ones for night time. LJ, just try to let your nipples get some air and dry completely before you cover them up after nursing if you are worried about thrush, etc. Mama, glad to hear your nipples are on...
Yes, my Ds1 would cry until he threw up unless he was asleep when we put him in the car. We avoided travel (even within the city) as much as possible. He improved considerably when we turned him FF at 16 months so I think it was motion sickness. I had wanted to keep him RF for much longer but when we moved his seat FF to accomodate an extra car seat for a road trip with friends and he was not misersble and didn't throw up we left his seat that way.
Hello 3 week growth spurt! Sander spent two days eating nonstop, took a break to sleep all day yesterday, and is on a third day if non-stop eating! If I didn't know better, I would worry that I didn't have enough milk. I guess i shouldn't be surprised that he's filling out the 0-3 month size clothes at 3.5 weeks of age...DS1 fit in his newborn stuff until the 6 week growth spurt. Not this guy! Berry, I'm glad to hear that your little girl is so mellow! How nice! Mama,...
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