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Yay Mama and MW!
Things are going pretty well overall. I feel guilty about not enjoying this newborn stage as much as I did with my first. I think it's probably in part because I am trying to make sure Sander has what he needs and try to give DS1 as much attention as possible, etc. etc. and sbecause I am a busy body and still feel like all I do is nurse. Sander is def a snacker, and sinse I nurse on demand fhere is a lot of time spent in the rocking chair. I've had some hormonal days and...
Berry, the idea of a 28 minute labor is frightening!  I actually had a dream about it last night!  Of course no one was here and I had to deliver the baby myself.  Not that I actually have to worry since babe is here....
[quote name="pastormama" url="/community/t/1381813/birth-stories/30# The ultra fast labor was awful. My first birth was induced and I took no pain medication. It took about fourteen hours. It was nowhere near as intense and painful as this last birth.[/quote] Congratulatons PM! Do you think it was the castor oil that made it intense, or just the speed? This birth was fast for me as well (under 3 hrs) and I think it was much more intense than my first which was just...
So precious ladies!!
Congrats TJ!!
  A friend/photographer came to do a newborn session with Sander on Saturday.  Here is one from our "sneak peak".  Sander, at 13 days old.
Happy Mother's Day everyone! I'm so excited to hear about more people having their baby soon. From the sounds of things TJ you are very close! Sander is doing really well and nursing like a champ. He's even starting to stretch out his night time feedings nicely, which is a total bonus since DS1 did not do that until he was much older. I wonder if it is the extra pound of birth weight? Mothers Day was a bit of a write off for us unfortunately. DS1and I both got food...
Ditto!  DS1 would never take a bottle although we tried everything but making him go hungry.  It would be nice to have the option this time of a bottle once in a while.
Thanks!  Tandem nursing is going really smoothly.  DS1 hasn't been too demanding for extra nursing sessions.  He is loving all the milk, though.  My milk came in really quickly (by end of day 2) and I have tons of supply so DS1 has been helping to keep over-supply issues at bay.  Plus, it's keeping him on his "routine" (ie: nursing at bedtime and with cuddles in the morning) so I think it's helping to keep him from feeling as put-out by Sander.    
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