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Updated to here!
Congrats Monday!!   stretch, I was (then wasn't, due to a job change) trying to catch the first PP egg.  Maybe it is different for others, but I could definetely tell when my body was gearing up to O.  It geared up a few times before I did O, but I could tell. I had CM changes, I broke out (my skin was AMAZING up until that point which I was loving because I've always struggled with bad skin), etc. So others might have different thoughts but I might test when I thought I...
Hi all, updated to here!   Welcome Monday!  I remember going a bit crazy during the 2ww with DS.  I've decided that I'm going to try to chill out this time and try not to get all wrapped up before AF is late (easy to say when you're still waiting to O the first month of TTC, right?? LOL).  I'm telling you this so you can make fun of me later this month as I totally go insane during my TWW! haha.   Heatheresc, I am afraid I'm of little help! Stress can delay O, so...
Hi all, the July thread is started and can be found here.   Good luck!
Hi Ladies, the July thread is HERE!   Here's to hoping that summer vacations mean more time to BD and that all the fireworks spread baby dust on everyone!   As I haven't hosted before, please let me know if I miss making any required updates, if your chart isn't properly linked, etc. etc.  Please as for changes in BOLD.   The Plan for July     Waiting to be ready Lidamama84   Waiting to Catch the First PP Egg! AnkaJones DS...
Hi all,  I'm hoping for some advice on questions to ask a potential new family Dr.  Our current family physician is not AP friendly, is full on hostile towards a collaborative approach to health care (ie: naturopaths, chiro, accupuncture), is not very open minded about a natural family living, and a few other things have arisen that have me looking for a new family doctor.  I don't want to be in this position again, and rather than being the interviewee this time (as I...
jr'smom, I can do the thread this month.  I will be away for a bit at the end of the month, beginning of August but around otherwise.  Can you PM me with instructions?   AND, I'm officially TTC#2! No more waiting to be ready!!    AF arrived on CD29, which is great since I think I O'd on day 15.   So, I can be changed to waiting to O, DS aged 23 months. 
Homemade mac and cheese (do a big batch and freeze into one lunch portions)  For veg you can buy a giant bag of fresh spinich and stir it into the sauce until it wilts before mixing with the noodles.    Hmmm, I thought I'd have lots of ideas and then realized they were better suited to winter than summer (chili, soup, etc.)
 This is the bedroom(s) for me.  Even if company comes, we can just close the bedroom doors.  There's no reason for guests to go in to any bedrooms anyway.
Congrats to WP135 and HopefulJo!!!    I'm hanging out on CD26...waiting for AF and hoping to make it to the CD29 since I think I o'd on CD15...I was really moody and emotional last night.  A sure sign of AF for me, usually, so we'll see if she makes an arrival today or not.  Either that or I was just in a foul mood for no good reason.  lol. 
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