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LilyTiger - Oh scarves and music are some of baby X's favorite things as well!  Glad to hear that it's useful!  :)
Awesome!  Thanks, Jaxy! For everyone else, here's the latest in a series of simple sensory plays for all ages (including babies), using two or fewer ingredients, and using items generally found in a home: http://www.funathomewithkids.com/2013/03/super-easy-sensory-play-soap-foam.html   "Like" us on Facebook to be notified when new posts come out - www.facebook.com/FunAtHomeWithKids
newmamalizzy - Awesome!  So glad you had fun with it!  If you have Facebook and "like" the page (www.facebook.com/FunAtHomeWithKids) then every time there's a new post it will show up in your newsfeed.  Or you can subscribe to the RSS feed if you have Google Reader and the updated posts will show up there.  :)
Awesome!  Yes, ours are definitely a hot item over here.  Fun to shop for all the crazy stuff, right?  You are very welcome and I hope it is a hit!  :)
Aw, thanks inkslinger!  Thank goodness for Pinterest, right?  It's really helped get the word out about my little blog!!!  :)
Hey GER611 - There might be a slight delay on the body painting post as I'm trying to work with our favorite paint company to giveaway a set of paints alongside the post.  I'm just waiting to hear back.  They'll probably say no, but it would be cool if a reader got a free set, so I figured I'd give it a try!  And that would be awesome if your husband liked it!  The more FB fans I have, the more likely our favorite companies are to give free products to readers (and...
That's so kind of you to say!  I do *try* to remember to pin all of my posts to Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/acitr/fun-at-home-with-kids-activities/), but I'm much better at remembering to update the Facebook page with the new posts.  If you "like" the Facebook page, any time there's a new post, it should show up in your Facebook feed.  My fan page address is www.facebook.com/FunAtHomeWithKids.  If you're just getting started, I'd recommend this activity.  I created...
Both!  I think I'll have the post ready by the end of the week.  I just have to go find all the relevant photos --- and I have a lot of photos to sort through!!!   You're so welcome!  If you "like" my fan page on Facebook, you'll see when the painting post goes up (I always post links to new posts):   www.facebook.com/FunAtHomeWithKids
Thank you, SusanMary!  I think they are, too, but I am a bit biased.  :)  Thank you for checking out the blog!!!
Yes!  Painting with my 20 month old was our favorite activity - I'll try to get a post up on it within the week with more details.  Also, any sensory bins would be really fun (http://www.funathomewithkids.com/2013/03/basic-sensory-play-supplies-before-i.html) - in the opening picture with the sand and shells table, my daughter is around 22 months.  If your child is still putting things in their mouth, I'd stick to "edible" fills like rice, dried beans, dried split peas,...
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