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I love this recipe - although I do spend fifteen minutes straining and reducing the sauce when it's all cooked.   http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2010/01/southwestern-pulled-brisket/  
Also, one more thing. A lactation consultant could probably inform you more on any medication that increases milk supply, and also check if everything is alright (pump parts working, good latch, etc.) as you nurse/pump.  I cannot stress this enough.
There IS a magic pill, you should ask around on this forum.  I have had clients (I'm a doula) take it with varying responses.  Domperidone.  I don't know too much about it but I'm sure some of the mamas around here could fill you in. And I hear you on the pump.  Pumping can suck.  For lack of a better word...  
Are you getting enough fat in your diet?  Sometimes it's harder for the body to make milk if it's fat reserves are low - the lactation consultant at the hospital I gave birth says her first advice when supply drops off is to increase the amount of saturated fat in one's diet.  Coconut oil is especially good, at least two tablespoons a day.  You can google it and do a little research. Also, sometimes pumping the same breast AFTER the baby has fed will yield more milk,...
I have RA, and I went off pain medication during pregnancy too.  AND of course, once I wasn't pregnant anymore, all my symptoms came back with a vengeance within six weeks. I went to a new doctor and he prescribed me Low Dose Naltrexone.  I can't believe I hadn't heard of it before - safe to take while nursing, super cheap, and it works way, way better than anything else I tried.  My mother has fibro and I made her try it as well - she is 90% recovered, after...
I believe the egg white is not consumed due to the fact that it contains lectins  They are basically a sticky protein that can "stick" to your intestine and potentially cause leaky gut and inflammation in small babies who have not fully developed mature gut flora, and/or people with gut issues. I give my toddler a raw pastured egg yolk or two in raw milk daily.  Sometimes I add molasses and vanilla - it's a WAPF recipe.  Just google "raw milk tonic". 
I did a Brewer's Diet/WAPF diet during my pregnancy, but what really helped me the most was Nina Planck's book, the Real Food for Mom and Babies one.  She talks a lot about how to get a lot of good fats and fish during the last two months when the baby's brain is forming.  I gained about sixty pounds, but not a single stretchmark to be seen.  I am prone to stretchmarks, having some as a teenager when I gained weight and lived off of chocolate bars, so I think gaining...
I just wanted to add that I started suffering panic attacks as a pre-teen myself.  In my case, I could link my panic attacks to an autoimmune disorder.  They stopped after being treated.  My mother also suffered from fibromyaglia and her panic attacks started as a teen as well.  Have you ruled out thyroid issues and anemia, both of which can be linked to panic attacks?
There is some truth to the SV-40 virus in the polio vaccine deal.  It was one of the issues that concerned me when I started investigating vaccines.   http://www.theatlantic.com/past/docs/issues/2000/02/002bookchin.htm   But I think it is more of an issue of how clean vaccines are, rather than a "depopulation" experiment.  Either way, it's worth a read by vaxxers and non-vaxxers alike.
Soy Delicious makes an allergen free coconut milk, and I think TJ's has started carrying one as well.  Also, Pacific brand carries a vegan oat milk which has no corn or wheat, if you can tolerate oats. They also make a gluten free hazelnut milk!  
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