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I will be in dates in 4 weeks and tend to bake my kids faster looming for a student doula to watch my son during our home birth , I am a lmp and would love to trade for massage , must be avavble nov 12 - dec 12 pm me if you k ow anyone or another place to post
department of health and human services   heres the one for wa http://www.dshs.wa.gov/esa/tec/
you could also do sunbutter and jam
avacado and turkey
I hadn't gotten all the way though the list when I updated I know I missed a bunch my ds hasn't let me do anything that requires focuse for thelastnfournweek poor guys been sick , I plan on doing another typeset tonight at work and will try and get everyone
Esher my sons been in a my ride65 sense birth it's big but light and can install with a buckle
I like mint I add catagories to suit our life style
depending on what state  your in ( if you US )  if you go to the DSHS site and theres a caulutltor
Heather if your avoiding lunch,e it's to avaiod listerea and tnats killed buy cooking so you can have hot lich ,eat assuming its been cook hot enough forlong enough some women microwave it
welcome zoe . good luck on that vbac !
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