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  You're right.  I think he wants to be on his tummy and that's part of why he is miving around so much.  We've been putting him down on his side, which he seems to prefer to his back.  I ok with him sleeping on his tummy since he's strong and can role easily both ways.  But even once he is prone, he still wakes often.  Just know I witnessed something very similar to downward dog!  Maybe his little body is preparing to crawl.  Thanks Dovey. Happy sleeping to you!
Thanks for this, it did help a little.  Hasn't gotten better yet, but I have hope. he has ended up on his tummy a couple of times, not entirely happy about that, but I think he will soon get used to it.  
   Hi - thanks for posting this. I have the same issue with naps, have to nurse off and on with rocking for about an hour just to get my DS down for a 20 to 30 min nap, i can alos only get him back down if i nurse the second he stirs.  I'm impressed you are so "zen" about it, this actually drives me crazy, I find it so emotionally draining to spend 3+ hours a day for my DS to only get about 1 hr of sleep.  I worry that he is not getting enough quality sleep, and he does...
I do a little of both, starting in packn play in our room, then with us.  My hubby also brought it up and was game. Now I love it simply because the three of us wake up together and DS is always a gem first thing in the morning which is a good way to erase any suffering from lack of sleep through the night.  It's best when we can hang out for a few minutes or even an hour and just be a family.  Having said that I enjoy the time when DS is asleep somewhere else...
Hi All - I'm looking for a little advice or maybe just good mom support. My DS is 6.5 months old in in the last 6 nights or so he wakes up every 10-1hr trying to flip over, or spin, or do some other crazy acrobatics.  He's in a pack n play until first nursing (on good nights around 3:00 a.m. then with us.  We've tried bringing him into bed earlier thinking it would calm him, but then he just bust some break dancing type moves in our bed and no one sleeps.  He generaly...
"We have a few thin folded up blankets on the mattress and then have put the crib sheet over top of the blankets to prevent any smothering of any sort."   I followed this advice to and it seems to help a little.  Thanks for posting it!
Hi, my DS (only 6 months) sleeps in a pack and play every night.  We didn't expect this, but it is what has worked best. We don't use any extra padded (ours does have an ok pad on the sleep surface.  Anyway, we plan to use this as long as it works and avoid buying a crib. I'm also going to try the mat on the floor when we are ready to move him to his own room, but I fully expect that he will not stay in bed so this attempt will come with some serious childproofing in his...
Well - less than a quarter cup of bleach and turning up the hot water heater worked well, I had to do a few extra cycles to make sure all the bleach was rinsed out, but we seem to be starting fresh.  From now on I'll use mostly baking soda and very little detergent.  Cheers all for the help!
OK all - the double baking soda soak only helped slightly.  I'm going to do add a little bleach to super hot water and then rinse and rinse and rinse until I can start fresh.  I'll let all know how it goes.   
I've looked into some of the other threads about stripping stinky diapers. I don't think I have hard water, but I am going to try cutting way back on detergent and adding baking soda. If it doesn't work I'll try bleach or boiling so I can start over. My biokleen box recommends 2/3 a scoop for HE washers, but a friend says she only uses 1/8 on her cloth diapers. Wish me luck, and I'll post results.
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