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I decided to use the medication. I have over active let down and over supply. I did a lot of the things suggested on kellysmom.com for over supply and that has helped. I block feed, cut out dairy, nurse with baby up higher to lesson flow etc. In the end I realized that this baby is a gulper and since I can't get her to nurse without gulping air I can help her tummy feel better. The medication is helping and I know she won't be on it forever. I think as moms we get a feel...
Yes I do fold the Moby. She doesn't like her head in it unless she is sleeping. I will try washing it. My son loved the RS but this baby sometimes likes it and sometimes doesn't. 
Thanks. I just got my Ergo and tried it out. DD feels more secure in it than she does in my Moby or Maya sling. I have her legs froggy style. I know Ergo says not to use it until baby is 4 months or use an insert but DD is very comfortable and sleeping peacefully. She doesn't like her head covered in the wrap or sling. So now I don't know what to do. Do I follow directions or do I do what is most comfortable for me and DD? Her head isn't rolling around at...
Girl! I can't believe it has been 8 weeks!
I read that people do this. Has it worked for anyone? My newest one doesn't like to keep her head in the moby or maya RS. I ordered an ergo but was wondering if I have to wait until she is older or if I can use a rolled up towel. 
I just ordered an Ergo. I am going to give that a try. The Moby wrap is stretching out and she just won't stay in. At least it was a gift. 
I have a Moby and a Maya ring sling. My 7 week old pushes her head out but she doesn't have full head control yet. I end up holding her head with one hand which makes it impossible to do anything with two hands. If she is asleep she will lay against me. Am I wrapping her wrong? Is there a better carrier I should try? 
My first baby was colicky, a poor sleeper, needy, and a marathon nurser. My second was easy going, nursed only for food (not comfort), and was a good sleeper. This baby is in the middle. She has reflux so that has been tough to deal with but the last three nights she has been on medication and doing so much better!  She is getting very alert these days (she is 7 weeks!) but wants to be held most of the time. She sleeps for pretty good chunks of time around 3-5 hours at...
Thanks for all the advice. I have tried all the tips on kelly'smom.com including laid back nursing, sitting up to nurse etc. She is just a gulper! Her pediatrician gave DD a prescription for reflux medication and the last three nights have been great. I can tell when the medication is wearing off because she gets really fussy and screams. She still spits up a lot but she is much happier while doing it. 
I am so sorry you are stressed . I was in a situation with my middle child where I had to supplement with one bottle of formula a day. I found myself a single mom and had to return to work when she was 8 weeks old. I could not pump enough for her and had not built up enough of a milk stash before returning to work. I think BF is best but one bottle of formula does not mean you have to give up BF entirely. If you can keep it up and give her as much as you can it will get...
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