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Hey everyone! Haven't posted much, but have loved following all your stories throughout my pregnancy! Thought I'd share my birth story (July 22) that I typed up the other night to submit to the spearmint baby blog :)                    July 20th came and went. My due date. And along with it came a flood of anxiety. I was about to give birth. For years I had been dreaming of a natural childbirth. All winter long, driving to class, I’d sing along to Mandisa’s...
here is my son, asher, at nine days old. i was so excited to finally take him out for a photoshoot :)  
just realized this is actually the account i actually used to post on this forum! forgot i had that old one. hah :)
you look great! my advice is to tell your practitioner that you don't want to know your weight when you go in for appointments! i do this, i turn around on the scale and tell them i don't want to know, because i don't want to focus on it! i think it's rediculous that we as women have to go in and be subjected to the numbers on the scale. pregnancy should be and IS beautiful. i'm sorry you are having so much anxiety from this, but as a fellow woman i understand!!
i meant... 4 weeks. :) i'm 35 weeks today!
well, i haven't posted in a long while because i was sans computer.. but here's my update of the past five weeks:)
no, you are NOT a wimp. I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum with my first pregnancy. In the first trimester, I was vomiting a terrible amount and did end up needed IV fluids. After the 1st trimester, the vomiting was under control but the nausea was still TERRIBLE. With this pregnancy, my vomiting never got as bad thankfully, but i've had terrible nausea. i too was in bed for a lot of my 1st trimester. what is hard for me is that yes, it may seem to others that you are just a...
yay congrats!! isn't it AMAZING how an ultrasound can date so exactly?? although, i guess sometimes they can be way offf.... your baby pictures are adorable, thanks for sharing:)
12 weeks... in blue. and 13 weeks in green stripes, today!!      
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