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  This is exactly along the same lines.... the vibration of walking and light wrestling/tickling... and that thing where you blow blubbery noises on their belly! It all helps disperse the excess energetic congestion. Raspberries? Zerbits? We call them Grrrrsss :-) and lil man will grrrrr at us when he wants them!  
Great to see you've been getting results by asking for help and trying new things! I haven't read every word, but the post just before mine (vacaisle) is more along the lines of my advice.... there is a saying in a country not ours, can't remember which one, that goes "when a child cries, treat the mother". Our personal mental and emotional energy directly affects our children, I've watched it countless times! So my advice would be this. Stop thinking about sleep, and...
oops.... guess i only saw the first page of responses, that's why i thought that hadn't been covered yet. :-) plenty of us actually!
my lil man is 12 months, and a great eater, but there were difficulties at first, just be patient.... most nipples/breasts and babies figure it all out eventually...   what i haven't seen here yet is about using either breast per side.... at first i just used the bed-side bottom breast. but sometimes i feel i need to lay on my side opposite the breast i need to use, so then i just rotate my body to move the top breast down towards him and he latches onto it instead....
I can vouch for the 3 months post partum "really big hormone shift" !!!! wish i'd kept some for then.
the first midwife i worked with always blends some with frozen strawberries, for health, but especially for hemorrhage. but the midwife i ended up working with said that chinese medicine dictates warm/hot foods are best after delivery, so she asked if i would just eat it straight, with a miso soup chaser. i said i'd give it a try.... it was wonderful!!! the piece i had was like excellent sushi, i was so grateful for that experience! unfortunately my partner, in the...
my labor/opening went well, mostly laying down on my side, supported by pillows, completely relaxing through contractions. my partner always had his thumbs or palms pressing on my sacrum with each contraction (back labor). i transitioned in a tub, very intense but fine. all went well and relatively quickly. but then when i started pushing, it was like he was stuck in a maze, and couldn't progress enough. i tried all sorts of positions and movements, following my MW's...
Oh, wonderful! I posted for just Cameron Park before, and eventually wondered.... echo!? :-) I'd love to drive down for an outing one of these days. Probably after the holidays. Are either of you already a part of any in person mama groups?  
hi!l looking for moms in the folsom, el dorado, cameron park areas, or just any sacramento mothering moms in general! i'm 37 with 4 month old boy.
hi everyone! i've been loving the magazine, since a friend raved about it from early in my pregnancy, and have been using the website as a reference for months... finally made it official tonight, woohoo! thank you all for being the place where i feel normal. where i can get informed and feel solid, resonating goodness! and still plenty of varying opinions to savor. loving mama to 3-1/2 month old beautiful boy
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