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Jesse David is here. Labor started around 5am. We left for the hospital at 9am. I had my water broken around 11am, and he arrived at 2:41pm. I had some PP hemorrhaging, but I seem to be doing well. Jesse was 9lb 10oz, and is a champion nurser. I will share pics, soon.
I can definitely understand your trepidation. Maybe call your OB and explain what's going on? J&J, congrats on that sweet boy. I hope he's back with you, super happy and healthy soon.
I wish I would've thought of smoothie pops. I did this a couple weeks ago, and if my little guy isn't here, soon, I may do more. Chicken and Veggie Enchiladas x2 Tortilla Soup Taco Soup (really the same as above, but with a beef base and beans thrown in) Sauce for Pasta x3 Beef and Bean Enchiladas
Can hubby check your cervix again?
Cinderella - I hope this is it!   J&J - I hope your induction is going well, and that you'll soon be holding a baby!!!   I went in for my appointment today (40w3d)... The biophysical profile went well. Placenta looks good. He looks good. Fluid looks good. He scored an 8 out 8. She estimates his size to be 8lb 14oz, and the midwife said that feels about right (from her feeling my belly). I could've sworn he'd be another double digit weight baby. LOL! Not bad news,...
I think this has gone supremely well for an abortion topic.   I have never terminated, nor could I ever. I was 18 and got pregnant after a one night stand. When I thought I was pregnant (I had two negative tests; I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was in the ER after a car wreck), I imagined I would just get rid of it. That I didn't need a baby. Then when it became real, I couldn't. Somewhere in my mind, this switched and became a baby and not just a...
I feel you, StartingAllOver. I'm 40w2d today, but my last one came at 42w5d. The midwife I'm with won't let me go past 42 weeks, so I'm debating what I'll do if that time comes. I may switch to another midwife (which just sounds crazy at this stage, but hey... I've rarely been accused of being sane... ), but I'm not sure. Lots to think about.   Tomorrow, I go in for a biophysical profile. I love getting to see my little guy, but I'd love to see him AND hold him....
Let me tell you. This is #4 for me, and I came really close to going to the hospital the other day. Obviously (y'know, since I'm still pregnant - lol), it wasn't the real thing. You figure I would know what to do, but I've never experienced prodromal labor. This stuff is confusing.   Hugs to you.
Ask me after I've had this baby. LOL!   Seriously, when hubby and I first were together, we never planned on having any kids (we each had one from previous relationships). Life had other plans. I got pregnant with DD the very day we moved to the Dallas area from Houston. In the move, I must've forgotten to take my pill. Whoops!  Then three months after I had her, I got pregnant with our son (while using condoms and spermicide, and I was nursing). Again, life had...
YAY!!! Enjoy her, mama!
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