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I have been looking for a pump in style.  Will PM you.
  Me too - blehh.
I am family nurse practitioner, I work full time at a community health center.  My husband is completing his PhD and will start a post doc in the fall.
I have insufficient glandular tissue (IGT) and so making enough has always been a challenge for me  " the breastfeeding mother's guide to making more milk"  is the book you want to read.  It is the most complrehensive resource I've found for mama's with low supply.  Check out the breastfeeding challenges section here.  there used to be a thread on there for low supply IGT mama's that could be helpful.
7 weeks - So tired and nauseous. Sorry, I just want to whine.  I have had morning sickness and fatigue with all of my pregnancies and usually am better by 11- 12 weeks, so I know there is an end, but blehh, I just feel awful right now.   I threw up 3 times today.  I don't know what to do about the nausea.  It feels a little better if  i eat, but i don't want to eat all day and gain weight, but if I don't eat, I throw up.  I have some zofran, and  while it does get...
I'm Kris, Married to N. Mama to 3 boys ages 5. 4, and 17 months.  I am 36 years old.  Working full-time out of the home as a family nurse practitioner.  N is completing his Phd this month and starting a post doc in the fall. We were planning this pregnancy hoping for a baby that would come during Sememster break.  I am due January 1, so looks like our planning was good for that.  I am a little nervous about having some extra help when the baby comes as we live very far...
Baby #4 Due January 1 Last 3 have been early 36 weeks, 38 weeks, and 38 weeks. I have 3 boys so hoping for a boy.
earthwalker  congrats.  i don't have much advice to add to prescott's but folic acid which is in a PNV if you are taking one.  Praying for a sticky bean.  As for stress, there is a counselor in my office who is always swearing by these one minute mindfulness exercises.  Anwway I tried them basically it is just breathing deeply for one minute.  You do it 15-20 times a day.  But I was blown away at what a difference it made for me.  I will try to find the link or ask him...
  yep - currently working in primary care and community health.     LilyKay Not temping after O sounds like a good idea.  Then there is no looking for the dip or 2nd temp rise - I might try that next cycle.    AFM I am 10dpo with BFN this am, working late tonight.
Thanks for the warm welcome.   It has only been 3 cycles TTC#4, and really, it wasn't until we had the chemical and the sadness that followed that we realized that we really wanted/were ready for a fourth child.  Anyway guess I am not totally out till AF this cycle, and that's a couple of days away.  So I am taking it easy for now.  It has been nice to browse this thread and read everyone's comments and support for each other.   As for my user name, it's not too...
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