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Hi!   My family currently lives in Tucson, but we are more than likely going to be moving to Phoenix late this summer or early fall. I'm hoping I can get some suggestions about where some good neighborhoods are, or at least which general areas are nice to live in for families. Assuming all goes as planned, my husband would be working in the downtown area, I would be going to school at ASU, and my two older kids would be at Desert Marigold school... so kind of all over...
I'd say it could be CD 26 too.
What are some great schools in Phoenix? We might be moving up there next fall. Our kids go to Waldorf school in Tucson, so we are looking into Desert Marigold, but I'm curious about the other options.
Yes-   Misty Adriaanse (520) 219-6394 (who is lovely!)   Doreen Sorce (520) 869-4888   There are a few more licensed, but to my knowledge, they are currently practicing. Here is a link to the listing for all the midwives licensed in Arizona from the AZ health dept. website: http://www.azdhs.gov/als/databases/   Good luck!                
Following! I'd love to know more about this school too. My kids are at Tucson Waldorf, but it's possible our family would need to make a  move to Phoenix next fall, depending on DH's job.
I'm a birth and postpartum doula, and I've had lots of interactions with many different OBs around town.I'd recommend Dr. Graziano at TMC. He's awesome, and the only OB I've ever met that seemed to have the same pure enthusiasm for natural birth as most midwives do. He was extremely kind, patient and hands off with one of my VBAC clients. 
I'm a doula here in Tucson! Here's my website: www.swelldoula.com   Also, here's a link to a list of all of the midwives currently licensed in Arizona: http://www.azdhs.gov/als/midwife/documents/consumer-midwife-listing.pdf   Good luck!
Hi All,   I just stumbled onto this thread and wanted to introduce myself.   I've been apprenticing with a home birth licensed midwife in Arizona for about 9 months now. In Arizona, we don't use the NARM guidelines for becoming a CPM (although that will probably change soon), so I am working toward the state's requirements to become a licensed midwife and also doing the NARM PEP.    The midwife I work with has a pretty low key solo practice, so I do about 1 -...
Hey everyone,   My husband is in the process of applying for clerkships for 2014-2015. There is a bankruptcy judge in Greeneville, TN that he is thinking about applying to, but I want to get some input about the area before I give me opinion!   He is from Nashville, but we have lived together in Arizona for the last several years. I've always lived either in Arizona or California, but I'm open to moving to Tennessee. I'm currently apprenticing with a midwife...
A friend is due in early January, and she is anticipating having some trouble maintaining a full supply once she goes back to work. I'm planning on pumping to give her some extra milk (maybe regularly, or maybe just when she needs it). I also need some back up milk in the freezer for my own baby who is 4 months now because I am an apprentice midwife and leave her with her dad on Saturdays and whenever I have to go to a birth. My DDl be more like 8 or 9 months when my...
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