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Here is a complete list of the home birth midwives listed on the AZ health department's website. I just had a home birth on 6/11/12 with Amy Zenizo, and I would highly recommend her!   Tucson Midwives
I'd be interested in meeting up with my 3 year old. He was at Tucson Waldorf last year, along with his sister who is 7, but I don't think we can afford to send him this coming year. We live on the northwest side of town, but will be driving to drop off older DD every morning centrally, so we could meet somewhere around there too.
thanks everyone! here's an updated photo... Eden is one week old already! And posing like a super model 
This!!  Don't be afraid to ask for help from your friends and family IRL, especially your dh.
Eden Apollo, born at home at 4:57am on June 11. Only 7lbs 12oz. My smallest baby. 8 or so hours of labor total, but went from 6cm dilated to baby pushed out in 7 minutes!!   
One day post-partum
37 weeks today...   And just for fun- Me at 37 weeks with my last pregnancy... quite a difference!!
I'd be interested in seeing your chart... why is the traditional MW saying early June? Any specific reason? I'd tend to go with the later date, just so I didn't get my hopes up and get frustrated if it didn't happen earlier.
I also have an Ergo and a Maya Wrap. I'm planning on making my own moby-type wrap out of some jersey fabric that I have lying around. 
My first birth was in a hospital with an epidural etc... and it was only about 10 hours. By the time I was pregnant with my second I wised up and had him without meds at a birth center- that was about a 4 hour labor. This one will be born at home.. .so yes! I think it might be either as fast as my last one or maybe faster. Hoping my midwife can make it here on time!
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