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Hmm... I guess not!    This isn't a totally bad idea though, right?
So- I am hoping to get pregnant this October or November. However, I will be moving out of state in May. I can get my prenatal care at my local birth center, but I would need to find a midwife in the city I am moving to at some point. We want to do a home birth. Does this sound like a bad plan? Has anyone here done this with relatively little stress?   Any input would be appreciated!
My family might be moving to Salem, OR in the summer of 2012. Our daughter goes to a Waldorf school where we live now, but there isn't one near Salem, as far as I know. We would most likely only be in Salem for a year, and then we are hoping to move up to Tacoma, WA.   I have been looking for some other options for the one year of school she would need to do there. I found Heritage's website, and I was wondering if any mamas on here have their kids there. I know it...
Thanks for the info!    It will be a while before we move, but it is nice to know a little about the school and community before we get there. 
Yay- I'm glad I found this tribe! I didn't know there was such a thing!   My husband is in law school right now, and he has one year left. We will be moving in May of 2012, and we would like to start trying a few months after that. Last time I got pregnant on the first try, so I'm hoping it is just as easy the next time around!
Hi- Thanks for replying!   It sounds the the Waldorf we are at now. EC through 3rd grade are at a smaller campus, and 4th - 8th are at a larger campus. Although, the school is developing the bigger campus and it will soon have enough buildings and space for all the children.   I'm glad to hear you love the school. We really haven't even looked into any other options, because we feel like Waldorf is the best environment for our kids. I'm just glad there is one in...
My family will be moving to the Tacoma area next year- May 2012. Our oldest child attends a Waldorf school where we live now, and by the time we move, our youngest child will be ready to start school too.    Does anyone have children at the Tacoma Waldorf? Do you like it? What is the campus like?
My daughter currently attend Tucson Waldorf School (private). However, we did look into Desert Sky last year before we were sure that we would get financial aid at TWS. I was very impressed with their program. It has a real 'Waldorf' feel, and I loved the classroom. The kindergarten teacher we met (I think there is only one there) is amazing. Her son goes to TWS, and I know she does a great job with her students. They do have to conform to the state's guidelines for...
I have a son who just turned two, and I am also looking for a place to start him next fall. I went and toured the International School for Peace (River & Craycroft), and I am going to check out Desert Spring next week. I really liked the 2's room at the International School, and I also like that they do partial and full Spanish immersion classes. I though the classrooms for the older children looked a little disheveled. They seem to be in the process of upgrading their...
I agree with sundaycrepes about UMC. I'm a birth doula, and I've had not so good experiences with TMC in the last year or so. UMC seems much more progressive and focused on treating patients as people. The staff at TMC prepares every mother walking in the door for a cesarean by refusing to let them eat or drink. Most of the doctors there seem to want their patients to stay in bed with continuous monitoring etc. As a doula, my job is much harder at TMC.
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