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Guessing:   Girl 8 pounds, 11 oz Born on June 14th at 3:47pm   ???   We'll see! I'll probably be totally wrong 
 What a huge change! Congratulations on getting such a great job! But, I totally understand that you feel anxious about such a big move so late in your pregnancy. It really sounds like a fantastic opportunity for you and your family, even if you have to give up some of your previous plans to make it happen.    As far as the CPM problem in Maryland- have you checked out any of the surrounding states' status on CPM legality? This link has the state-by-state info for...
The birth center definitely does- I had my son there in 2009 and I had AHCCCS. We ended up paying a few hundred dollars out of pocket for all the prenatal care and birth. I think they would be your best/cheapest option.   I'm using a home birth midwife this pregnancy, and she gave me a $400 discount because I'm still on AHCCCS. If you want her contact info, PM me and I'd be happy to share it.
No, sorry- I have no info on this! But please keep us posted!!
I'm planning on trying out the ecological breastfeeding method and I've been reading up on FAM during breastfeeding as well. Admittedly, I'm a *little* nervous about using it, but I really don't want to go back to hormonal methods. We will probably use condoms if it gets to the point where I think my fertility is returning and I'm not confidant in my ability to chart with the funkiness of breastfeeding, 
TMI-   I know we are supposed to kind of clean house before the birth starts as far as our bowels go, but is this process seriously starting already? I mean, I prefer it to the constant constipation I had been having for the weeks before... but man, if I have to endure another 8+ weeks of running to the bathroom!   Is this happening to anyone else already?
Your chart looks good. FF probably gave you the dotted crosshairs because your recorded eggwhite cervical fluid on CD 28, after it had already detected ovulation. How long is your cycle normally? Was the spotting 7 - 8 days past ovulation? It could have be implantation spotting. Good luck!
My babe still mostly favors the ROP position, but he/she has been spinning around a lot lately between ROP and LOP.
Hmmm.. this thread is making me nervous!   I haven't gotten that urge to do much of anything yet... I have washed my diapers and some of the little clothes I have. But, I haven't gotten that real nesting-crazy-manic feeling yet. I don't even have all of my home birth supplies yet. Hopefully it'll kick in soon and I won't feel like I need to go to bed at 7:30pm 
I have a friend who is willing to donate. I'm not sure of the details- how much she has etc. Can you PM me your contact info or email me here: swelldoula@gmail.com    thanks!!
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