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Oh that lovely feeling? It's this. Yay for motherhood  !
This sounds like a fun idea, and I had seen it on another forum. But, for me, I think the best thing when I go into labor will be to "unplug" and just focus on myself. Plus, I'm not anticipating a really long labor (my last one was 4 hours), so I might not even have time to call anyone extra! Looking forward to hearing about the other ladies that are going into labor who do participate though! 
Thanks ladies! I guess I really lucked out, because I bought that tank for $7 at a baby resale store, and I just looked up the designer online, and a new one sells for $75!! Go figure that the really cute maternity wear I find is super expensive!! I was thinking I could buy some more, but a $75 shirt isn't really in the budget 
I'm sorry you are dealing with this mama.  I can't imagine how disappointed you feel about missing out on the home birth you want. I do know it is really hard when your birth doesn't go as planned in the moment, so maybe having some time to process and accept what is happening will be helpful to you. I second the recommendation that you check out ICAN's website  and here is a link to Mothering's cesarean forum. I haven't been on there at all myself, but I'm sure there...
I couldn't find it the other day, but here is a link to the PDF of Gregory White's Emergency Childbirth Manual (to read for free)   http://www.rixafreeze.com/pdf/gregorywhite.pdf
I've had some pretty awful nightmares lately. I think mostly because I was sick and my sleep was really disturbed. I was waking up at 3 or 4 am for several night in a row and having a hard time falling back asleep. Also, I suffer from this lovely thing called sleep paralysis- anyone have that?? It's terrifying. Basically it's when your body is falling asleep, but your brain isn't quite on the same level, so you experience a minute or so of paralysis... you are awake, but...
Here is my (almost) 27 week photo... Moving right along!!
Is this a third (+) pregnancy thing? For some reason, my body is really taking it hard this time around. Some days I'm in constant pain. I mean, I'm only 27 weeks! I was working up until like 35 weeks last time as a chef in a very demanding, stressful and HOT kitchen with very little issue. This time around, I'm lucky if I can waddle around the house cleaning for thirty minutes without needing to sit down for a break. I'm not that much older either- I'm only 26, and I...
I shipped mine yesterday, and I just put an already paid for mailer inside the other one... but I kinda had to guess on the final weight of what you'd be shipping back, so I added an extra dollar in there! If it's still not enough, please let me know!!
Oh my goodness! How scary! I'm glad to hear everyone is doing okay for now. Please keep us updated!! 
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