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^This here too, minus the humidity. What sucks is that I won't even be able to get in the pool for several weeks either... until the PP bleeding stops. Good thing our A/C works really well!
You're welcome!    @FaithHopeLove - yes, please feel free to copy some or all of it. I just encourage you to go through and customize it for yourself because it's just a template, and you might not agree with everything on there. 
25 weeks and 4 days
No other ideas off the top of my head, but thanks for the GREAT list  I'm expecting #3 in mid-June, and I'm also worried about my energy levels and my ability to keep it together after this baby is born.
Of course! No problem. You'll want to edit it to reflect your actual wishes for your birth of course. But, this should be a good start!   ETA: I'd also encourage you to give a copy to your doctor, even if she might not be the one there when you are in labor. That way, she can take a look at your preferences and let you know if there is anything on your plan that goes against 'hospital protocol' ... not that you need to change your plan, but you can prepare yourself...
I'm not writing a birth plan, but I always encourage my doula clients to write one, especially those giving birth in the hospital. I'm planning on going into more detail about how I want things to happen with my midwife over the next few visits. But, we are pretty much always on the same page, so I don't think I need to write it all out.    Here is the sample birth plan I use with my clients who are planning a natural hospital birth:     Birth Plan for...
Thanks for the input and resources! I've been al over the BFAR website, and there is definitely some good info there. I also picked up a copy of "Making More Milk". Hopefully I'll have all my bases covered if a problem does come up.   Thanks again :)
Owen Alexander?
Totally off topic, but I wanted to ask for some advice!   My DH is graduating from law school in May. I want to get him something nice, but I have no idea what to get. Some "thing"? A weekend trip for the two of us?? What do you all think?
My vote goes to Olivia or Matteo (really love that name for a boy!)
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