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Ugh and yay all at the same time.  The last 2 days my m/x has finally shown up.  I feel awful, but so very reassured.  Was literally thanking God while I was throwing up for the reassurance. 
I'm supplementing.  I had two m/c back to back, then supplemented with my next one.  I have no idea whether or not it works, but I figure it doesn't hurt anything to supplement, and makes me feel like I'm doing something.
I thought I was 7 weeks and I'm Jul4?
Wonderful no5no5!  Yay for immunity!  I'm still not having a whole lot of symptoms, I'm usually mega sick by now, but I have enough to still feel pregnant, so we'll see.  The exhaustion hit crazy ahrd today, so that's reassuring.
How wonderful!  I really want to see my little one, but it would cost me $100 and right before Christmas, that's just not really in the budget.  Congratulations to you and your sweet new little one on the way!
Mine was nightweaned, but then got a stomach bug and for the last 2 weeks has been wanting to nurse all night long.  (All day long too, but I can handle that better.)  I'm starting to work on getting her back to sleeping through again this week now that she's finally feeling better.
That sounds so yummy!  I don't even eat veggies.  Maybe the cutting out out sweets for a few months combined with this pregnancy is finally changing my tastebuds?
Hi!  I'm new 'round the parts but guess that I now am beginning to consider myself a Mom of Many.  We just found out we're pregnant with #7.  Somehow 6 seemed pretty normal to me, yeah a lot, but still in the "average" range.  (I don't know anyone else with more than 4, but somehow, it didn't translate to a "large family" in my head.)  7 seems much more intimidating and real to me.  I don't know why.  We live in Middle TN and have 3 girls and 3 boys ranging from 11 to...
My profile says "The rest of your profile, and your signature will become visible after you've been active in the forums".   I get that, I'm just curious as to what the criteria is for that.  I've looked around but haven't seen it listed anywhere.   Thanks!
Thank you all so much, and off to check out the Moms of Many thread.  Somehow 6 seemed normal to me, and 7 seems like I'm suddenly going to be a Mom of Many, so I'd love to chat and had briefly looked for a forum of something along those lines.  Thank you so much for mentioning it!
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