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i have also had both iuds.  The paraguard i had in place between my second and third child, so about 4 years.  i did bleed longer - about 5 days of regular bleeding, and about 5 days of spotting.  Cramps were noticeable, but i never had a heavy period or huge cramps before the iud.  All in all this iud worked well for me.   After my third was born i thought i would try the mirena because the thought of not having periods appealed to me!  i had it inserted at the end...
The book by ina may - guide to childbirth i think it is called is super great.  i read it during my third pregnancy to gear up for our first homebirth.  it is very empowering to read ;)
Congratulations on your HBAC!  That is great, way to go!!!
I survived my camping weekend.  Its great to be home and I have spent all day trying to cath up on laundry.  Now my back is sore, my feet and ankles are huge and I am exhausted!!  lol  School starts tomorrow for my older kids so that is pretty exciting, So much going on in the next few weeks I don't know when to want this baby to come anymore.  I think my body is done being pregnant, lol.    Cathy - I hope that is a good sign for you and you have a good labor when...
Congrats!  what a great birthday present!!
Congratulations Happy Monkey!  Sounds like it was a good experience!!  How exciting :D
Congrats!!  hope she gets out of the NICU soon and you get to take her home :D
Congrats Jenny on a healthy baby girl!!  Looking forward to some pics!!
WombatClay - I measured about the same at my mw appt and she wasn't able to do the sweep either :(  lol  I was really hoping that this baby would be a 38 weeker like my other pregnancies.  Now I am worried I will go to my edd or later.. which really is fine I am just getting impatient but obviously I can carry this baby for another couple of weeks if thats what it wants!!   I haven't had any practice labour since Tuesday night, no show... just the good old braxton...
HappyMonkey - I hope this is it for you and you get to snuggle your lil one soon!!   Bignerpie - that sounds like a really great dr to have around!  And does house calls?  That is definitely a rare quality!!     I like to take YoungSoul's approach and try very hard not to think about the actual labor, makes me a little nervous, but yet I can't wait to meet my baby!!   GraceCody - I like calling it practice labour better than false labour.. sounds so much better!  And i...
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