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  Callieollie you are right about consistency with the timing of the temps.  But once you wake up doesn't the temp start to rise at a faster rate in comparison to time change of temps?  So if you woke up an hour before your regular time for taking your temp you would probably want to take it at that time rather than wait an hour to take it?  This is just my understanding, and I could be wrong as I am not temping anymore  :D   I only had two OPK test strips left...
A2E I agree, the 1230 temp would be the best and only a few hours earlier than normal :D  I am no charting expert, but what the pp say makes good sense!   Music: heres hoping you don't get to have your lil  this weekend lol  Though when the old rag shows its a nice to have a good glass of wine!   TTCCorC We are a day apart in our cycles te-he!     AFM:  CD14 and expecting to O in the next few days. . . Hoping we have good timing and I also talked to my honey...
My cycles did this two when we started TTC.  I had a few cycles approx 20 days at the beginning of the summer.  My 'normal' would be 28 days.  After my shortest cycle I had a 35/36 day cycle (the only time I have ever had a cycle last that long would of course happen while ttc right?).  Now I am back at a 28 day cycle...    Hopefully you whatever happens, happens soon so you don't have to stay in the '2ww' 
Congrats LivingSky!!     HH9 months to you!!!  :D
Thank yo Sourire could you please add me to Waiting to O      I am now on CD5 with O around CD 15-19. . let the first countdown begin :D  lol   I gotta say this thread is huge!!  I am having a hard time remembering who said what and who was about to go POAS etc etc  lol  All this talk about temping is giving me the itch to start temping again.... but I don't know how well it would work when I work night (aka graveyard) shifts.  Anyone have experience with that?...
I bought some ovulation test strips from early-pregnancy-tests.com and they were quite affordable.   I originally bought the kit with the pregnancy ones, but POAS is too addictive so next time I will probably just get the ov test strips... lol
Hello all! I am new around here.  DH and I are now in our 6th cycle of TTC #3. . . Our two boys are 4 and 5.     I think that a butterball baby sounds great!     lol there are too many good smilies here!  But wanted to say good luck and sticky vibes to all the mamas in the 2ww!!
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