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Cathy - you explained the exact same braxton hicks that I am having :(  lol  Kind of annoying, especially when I am at work!!!
I used to be all for it while pregnant, but for some reason this time around its just not working.  I still have the drive to, but I think my pubic bone is not cooperating with the pregnancy in general :(  So it starts off good, but quickly becomes uncomfortable!!!  ugh!!!    
  I would guess because she is 'doing the right thing' by encouraging her dh to spend time with his daughter... but doing the right thing isn't always the easy thing ;)  So yeah I am sure I would feel the same way as her if I was in her shoes!     Mountainmama- I think you got a lot of good advice.  Maybe expect the worst that way you won't be disappointed but maybe pleasantly surprised!!!  Is there anyway to have your kids share a room so she can have her own space...
Maybe the too short to wear shirts can be worn above belly lol  Or live in a bikini top!!!  Especially if its hot :D    
I think strollers are great too, especially if you leave close to town and can walk there for a few grocery essentials, you can throw them in the stroller... OR for long walks they are nice too.  I loved using the baby carriers, but we also used the stroller a lot.    We did have a bouncy chair too, I just don't remember how much we used it!  I am sure it came in handy.  I liked those bouncers that they stand in when they are a bit older.. I used to always put...
PunkyMommy & ValH  My sister loved her hotsling pouch, used it all the time with her daughter.  And I loved my ellaroo mei tai carrier with my second ds, wore him on my back lots with it when he got older.  I also like wraps but find the mei tai better cause it is faster to get going...   Valh as far as other stuff goes... I think a baby swing is great, and we use a basinet in our bedroom for the first few months at least.  Baby thermometer would be good too, lots of...
Sending good thoughts for you!  Hope the ultrasound relieves some worries for you :D
That is awesome Cathy!  i have been wanting to do that too!!!  Thinking of having my girly friends over and getting one of them to do it, and having the kids paint some onesies!!  I think it would be fun!!  :D
Congrats WritingLove   Time is flying by!!  Tomorrow is 25 weeks!  This little baby is sure active now and I am really enjoying that!  Next week I get to go on a big field trip with my son's school to an aquarium, pretty excited about that :D  But it is raining here.... again!!  I should be used to all of this rain since we live on the west coast, aka 'wet coast'.  I just want it to be sunny out so I can go in the pool lol!
I ordered a couple of ina may's books, just impatiently awaiting their arrival!!  :D  lol    Congrats on the boy NDF!!   Cathy -sorry to hear your dh didn't get that job, hopefully something jumps out soon for him and you get that home birth!!  I had to drive 1 hr while in labour both times!!  It isn't fun.     This pregnancy appears to be flying by!  Just about 25 weeks already, I can't believe it!!  OH I have a pedicure today!!  I got a gift certificate for...
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