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Thanks for all your replies! I want a cover for the beginning with all the visitors (especially certain crude/rude male family members) when they are so tiny and taking longer to nurse. I doubt I'll use it often - just under those certain visitor circumstances. I'm hoping to sew it myself tomorrow! I have made a couple of nursing covers for others in the past, so hopefully it won't take me long. My plan is to just make it wider. I'm 34 weeks tomorrow, but am feeling...
Sex has definitely slowed down for us. I'm 34 weeks now and we're able to have sex about every other week. I'm usually on my side with my leg propped up on pillows. I'm enjoying it as long as it doesn't take a long time, LOL. My OB & Peri never forbade us because my cervix is staying so long, despite all the contractions I'm having. I truly think it depends on how you feel and what your doctor or midwife says, as well as your past history.
Yes, it's Dr. Joseph Tate in Norcross, GA (delivers in downtown Atlanta). I highly recommend him!
Is there a nursing cover big enough for twins? Or will I have to sew my own? The one I used for DD isn't big enough to hide both breasts/babies. I expect to just strip off my shirt & bra and tandem nurse at first using my EZ2Nurse pillow. DH and my sister won't care, neither will my mom or MIL. But I cannot stand the thought of nursing naked in front of my own dad (being the way he is) or some of my uncles or cousins. I didn't mind nursing DD in front of them because I...
My OB delivered his 2nd set (in 14 mo) of VBAC triplets this past Sunday!!! Both sets were at 38wks with no NICU time! I'm so excited about it! Wish there were more OB's willing to do this!
Name? (if you feel like it) Joy   You and maybe your partners age at the birth? Joy: 35, DH: 41   Are the babies Mono or Di or what combo of both? Di/Di   What number of kids will is be for you? #2 & #3   Genders? Will you be finding out? Boy/Boy   EDD and or planned birth timing? June 13, 2011   State you live in? Georgia   Anything else you want to share?  
How far along are you? I was wondering if twins dropped, but I'm not there yet - only 25w2d.
mom_of_steele  - aw sweetie, don't be hard on yourself. No guilt here! You made the best decision you knew to make at the time. And who knows, if you hadn't gotten the epi, you may have wished you had since they had to have a hand in your uterus for so long. (7 min is a long time to me!) For me, as long as labor is "normal" (no one's hand is up inside my uterus), I would never consider an epidural. And if I knew the internal version and extraction would be quick...
Thanks for all of your thoughts and experiences and honesty! Some days I feel excited/hopeful and other days, especially when I'm tired, I feel discouraged.   I do have a DD who just turned 2 years old. She'll be 2 yrs, 4 months if the twins arrive at 40 weeks. I also have my 20 yr old sister who is staying with us now and will stay for 2 months after the babies are born.
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