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I totally agree Sativarain1. The thought of having to possibly drop my daughter off for supervised visitation at some " visitation center" makes me cringe. I swear I did not in any capacity realize the gravity of marrying and procreating with the wrong person. I wonder to myself how many people are stuck in the same situation. I am also so curious about what a happy marriage feels like. I would love to hear truthfully what that means- a happy, healthy marriage. I don't...
I'm sorry, dealing with an ex with PTSD must have been/must be awful and so sad. Your visitation schedule sounds very reasonable. I am definitely going to keep it in mind although I don't know how much control I will have over the outcome. It's great that you and your ex were able to find a schedule that works well for you and your daughter.
That is a good idea OneGirl. My attorney had suggested a hair test over pee. He knows a lot about herbal medicine and he can definitely use other herbs to mask the thc levels in his pee. He knows how to do it. How long did you do the four hour visits before it changed? And how did it evolve over time? How did you feel once you had to let your child leave you for the day or overnight? I'm so scared of that, she has only ever slept with me and she nurses a lot at night. She...
Thank you for your response. He works IT so no matter what I do if he really wants to find out my business he can. Luckily he seems to be a bit lazy on that end. I have dozens of photos of his stash, text and audio where he admits to using and a photo where he is holding a vapor bag of smoke. I have thought about doing a nanny can in his smoke room (in the house) but I don't know how to set that up and I don't even know if that would be admissible since its kind of like...
The idea of going to court and having a stranger (judge) decide what happens to my child and our lives gives me so much anxiety. I often feel like the custody arrangements and all the court drama seem more draining than being in a crappy marriage. Where can I go to find stories from the other side? I think I may need to start therapy to work through figuring all of this out. I have never been more scared or confused about making a decision.
Wow, that sounds crazy. I know my DH would fail every drug test but I don't know if they treat marijuana the same as pills and coke. My DH has no intention of quitting even if it means it will interfere with seeing his daughter, he has said so himself. It's his lifestyle and he says being himself is more important that anything else. *smh* I would be comfortable with a 9-5 situation but leaving her overnight would be a nightmare.
I know you are right. That loss of control is why I haven't divorced him yet. I do not want my child in the care of someone with an addiction as I have seen firsthand that feeding an addiction comes before everything else.
In the year and a half she has been alive he has probably been alone with her maybe 4 or 5 times for an hour or two at a time if that. He has never driven her alone in the car and only once or twice with me. Basically 99% of his interaction with her now is supervised by me anyway so I am wondering if his visits can just consist of him coming over to play with her, etc. If that were the case things would basically stay the same as they are now in terms of his involvement...
Thanks for your advice Mark. And now I'm really hoping to hear from some mamas who can share their knowledge and experience with this particular issue.
Problem is I would need to pay for another visit to the attorney to ask this question. I emailed her and she wants me to come in. I can't afford another visit just to ask this question. The next time I go to see her it would have to be because I am definitely ready to file. So if anyone has any more information on how the person supervising is selected, I would really appreciate it.
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