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I have an Ursa Luna (a bear showed up and looked in our door just after her birth) and luna because of the moon that night   and Saule (lithuanian word for sun, her dad is lithuanian) Poppy (because she was born under the costa rican sun, and she can thrive anywhere like a poppy).    I have a sun and a moon :) 
What would you do?  me and the girls are visiting my parents for a month in may-june. my mother decided this was a great time to lease a horse, so my dd1 who is 4 can learn to ride. I asked her not to do this, listed my reasons, but she now claims its for herself.....which simply isn't the case since she is leasing it the exact dates we are visiting....  My concerns are   1. we will not be covered by insurance during our visit 2. my mother hasn't been on a...
  what would you do about these problems in my 11 month old baby? the dark spot is probably a cavity. how to heal it? what about the lip tie? and the gum injury?    She does not like strangers, or anyone fussing in her mouth, so dental work would probably be very scary for her. Any gentle options? 
thanks daisy.....swell. at least you understand my confusion. 
Unschooling 4.5 year old and 10mnth old   We are finishing up a 2 year stint here in Denmark, and have the chance to travel for 6mo-a year starting in june, while dh telecommutes. We have had some great times traveling in the past, but I am also really pulled to the idea of setting up shop somewhere now that we can.    Should we travel the world or look for a rental in the USA? I really cant decide whats best. DD1 would like stability and friends, but we wont get...
Assuming many of us un/homeschoolers have only one income-   wondering what you all plan (or dont) in case your partner couldn't work for some reason (like illness, injury, death)? DO you have some savings for a rainy day? A plan to find a job? Some other plan?  (this happened to someone i know who was homeschooling and it really has me thinking...) 
We are a homeschooling family, hoping to buy land/home in the next couple of years.    WIll having only one income present a problem to get a home mortgage?    anyone have any info for us on getting started? We are first time buyers with no real clue (except what we google...) 
here is mine :) I had a fantastic UC. PM me if you want my birth story link.    birth plan,  and transfer plan and links to watch/read/print   I also had directions to the hospital in the car, incase we needed that.                  Emergency Contact: 911 Our address: gfghfgfjhgfjhgfjhfg Sharon Hospital: 50 Hospital Hill Road Sharon, CT 06069 (860) 364-4124 860.364.4000   Dr. J. vmbmfhgf Poughkeepsie, NY ...
http://theadventuresofchicoliniandcompany.blogspot.dk/2013/01/winter-baby-wearing.html   I made a blog to help troubleshoot some winter babywearing issues I had when i was getting going.   enjoy!
yes- i also thought that the placenta comes out intact or else you need some "help" (whatever that means- herbs,drugs,D&C, depending...) since the placenta is vascular in a way the membranes are not.    I did NOT retain placenta. I retained a piece of membrane that was about 4-6inches long. The placenta delivered whole in minutes.   thanks for all these ideas/suggestions. 
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