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I always fail horribly when it comes to a handmade Christmas but I'm determined to succeed this year!!  My girls will be 8, 4, and a few days shy of 1 and my crafting will be mostly focused on them. 
You don't have to harvest them all at once :) .  They do keep for quite a while in the fridge though. 
Awesome!! Will try the dodecahedron tonight if the baby cooperates!
Not everyone has that option.  We live in a rental and aren't allowed to paint.
I like Bella Luna Toys!!
I like Mothering on Facebook!!
Hi all!  I'm Jenn, mama of 3 awesome girls.  Ages 7.5, 3.5, and almost 3 months.  I'm 27, will be 28 in a couple of months.  We live about 90 min NE of Des Moines, about 45 min NE of Ames, and 45 min SW of Waterloo. 
I bought ours at Hobby Lobby.  It's this stuff.  Not specifically for watercolors but it works great.
Very cute!!!  I've had a scroll saw on my Christmas list for several years but people must think I'm kidding ;)
Where do I find it?  Am I looking for it to be called something else?
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