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Thanks for the info !
Mary,   I was speaking towards this specific comment in your post   'I occasionally look under the skin, pull it back just slightly to inspect the size of the opening, and his opening. I never pull it back any harder than, say it would be moved naturally in his diaper We looked under his foreskin, it is red, slightly swollen, inflamed, and has about three small ulcerations"   To me that comment is retraction which equals the same as messing with foreskin so...
Please stop messing with your son foreskin because there is no need to look under or check to see how wide the opening is and please tell your dh to not do it because it can be harmful so it's only up to your son to Retract his Own Foreskin when he is ready to retract there is No Need for Any Parents to Retract foreskin .   All a parent should do with a intact boys foreskin Wipe Only on the outside and do not even touch it when they are in bath.   Also, neosporin...
Me neither but I still can't ever wrap my head around circumcision .   I'm guessing people who are so used to circ being nothing and they don't see foreskin as part of the boys body yet but they do see a tongue as part of everybody body so there is proably some mental disconnect there .
No idea why doctors do caths for boys with fevers of above 100 . I have always avoided my son from getting a cath by saying honestly he's peeing just fine   My son fever has been up to 104 more than once out of his  6 yrs
Coughing and sneezing can make anyone have a habbit of peeing in the pants! Especially if you have a forceful cough . Don't know why a doctor would think a respiratory cold/virus = problematic foreskin  because I'm for sure guys who are circumcised proably pee their pants due to coughing episodes .   Cancel the urologist opening because your son foreskin opening is normal .  Wish doctors would be more up to date on foreskin normalness .
i been having this major sore throat with a cough for 23 days now I have  a fever that is with tummy cramps. See about putting euculptyus oil in a steamer it more likely will be continous but as long as i have the steamer running with that it does make my throat feel better
poor boy.
In January - I had some fuzzy chest bubble in the back   Took some zithromax was all better.   First part of Feb I had this sore throat that felt like it was closing up on me so the dr prescribed me some amoxicillin and while I was on amoxicillin my sore throat symptoms were coming back as with a low  grade fever so the doctor prescribed me some z-pack which I was doing fine while I was on it then a week later my sore throat came back, with runny nose,cough and a...
Mamita- That's a  good solution maybe I wil see if my friend jasmine would be able to watch Brendan on a weekend then that way I could really deep clean.     Yes, having a housekeeper makes it a really tight budget that I end up nearly broke by the time the month is over.
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