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Hello and welcome! What kind of health stuff are you interested in?
I just got a storchenwiege - it's a german woven wrap. My little man was getting too big for the moby (it wasn't supportive enough anymore). It's remarkably supportive and comfortable! They come in beautiful colors and patterns, and the quality is outstanding.
I've been willing my hair to outgrow this terrible hair cut. So far no luck. But I did finally buy a coat and some clothes that fit properly. Next up, shoes that are not sneakers. If anyone happens to know of makeup that is free of soy corn and nuts, let me know. I'd be on board with some lip gloss and whatnot every now and then.
I'm so glad you asked this - I have a 9 month old and was wondering what else I can be doing to stimulate him and help him learn. I feel like I run out of things to say and want to be sure I'm talking enough and giving him every opportunity to learn.
I started a sour dough started years ago. It's a little tricky at first but now it's easy. I used Nancy Silverton's Breads for the La Brea Bakery (isbn 679-40907-6) book as a guide. The directions are very clear. Currently I use only King Arthur's bread flour to feed the starter.
I buy organic only as they don't use wax - and even then I peel them. I'm allergic to corn and the wax on apples is actually corn starch.
Welcome Annie! My name is Nicole, I am new as well. My son, Oliver, is 9 months old and we are in the DC area. I also grow an edible garden, and we cook everything from scratch (we even make our own mayo).
  Hi! I'm new to MotheringdotCommunity. My son is 9 months old. He has severe reflux and it has been quite a challenge for us. As we have gone along, I've realized we are Attachment Parenting people- which I think is fantastic. We are baby wearing, modified co-sleeping, breastfeeding, etc. But that has made it very difficult to find stay at home mom groups where we really connect with other moms. Our families are also not supportive of this...
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