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It is to me very distressing that your sister is calling your DD names especially in front of her and your other children.  With her diploma in child studies she should be aware of how damaging that can be. The 1 incident of smacking I would just let go if you can. But the name calling needs to be addressed ASAP in my opinion.
When I was nursing my now 34 yo I only thought of milk as food, so it never occurred to me to use it for skincare or medicine. I have never really made my own skincare except for using oatmeal as a mask/scrub. But I agree it would quite likely be far superior to other animals' milk-totally compatible with our human skin. Unfortunately some people (clearly not breast feeding friendly) consider it to be a "body fluid" to which contact must be avoided like blood or spit or...
I had 4 cats aged 10, 9 and 6 yo when DS1 was born. All 4 slept on my bed. They didn't seem to notice him until he was old enough to start grabbing at them when they got near. Then they mostly stayed out of his reach. His first word was "kitty." He was smitten with them from the start. I heard those stories about "stealing the baby's breath" etc but never believed them for a minute. I knew my cats and knew such tales were not possible.
I wipe up spills with plain water when they happen.  A couple of times a year I scrub out everything with baking soda dissolved in water. I've never unplugged it to clean it.  But a fridge I had years ago used to freeze up inside the back where the thermostat was, usually in the middle of a heat wave of several weeks.Then it wouldn't keep things cold enough.  I had to turn it off and use my hairdryer to defrost it. While I had my food in coolers with ice packs to do that...
Try restaurants, especially Ice cream parlors and steak/burger/hoagie joints. Things like fruit, hot peppers and other stuff come in large glass jars. If you ask they would probably give them to you. I've had some for decades that I use to store dried beans, peas, lentils, grains and flours. I also use mason jars and the wire bail type of jars that I've found over the years for things I buy in smaller quantities.  They look pretty on the shelves. Just a thought.
Wow! I've never heard of using it for all of those ailments. The only thing I used it for was to mix into baby cereal and to thin other first foods.
The commercials used to say Ivory soap is so pure it floats. Never-the-less I'm allergic to it. Of course it floats because it's full of air. Purity has nothing to do with it. You can also grate it and whip it with water, then use it for snow on pictures. My mom had a snowman she made with it. I'm not sure what was under the "snow" maybe styrofoam balls, or crumpled foil or maybe paper mache. She had it for decades, but eventually it got too beat up and she trashed it.
Lots of compost. The microbes will break down the hydro-carbons left in the soil from petroleum products.
Thank you for this. It's the 1st one I've seen that shows counties when you click on individual states.
Do your bunnies travel with you? How do you manage that? I really understand about not wanting to trash their litter. I cringe when I'm visiting other folks who just dump their scraps into the trash or garbage disposer. We make dog soup with meat scraps and bits of gristle, skin and stuff we don't eat. It gives them more flavor and nutrition mixed into their kibble. PP does the bokashi system reduce the volume enough to make it practical on the road? It seems expensive...
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