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3100 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths for a family of 5.  It is way too much space for us, we could downsize happily to about half of this if it was laid out right.  Wet got a steal in a new development though and had a hard time passing it up which I admittedly regret sometimes.   
    Two placentas, but they were fused.  
My twin pregnancy was exactly the same as yours.  Just under 10 weeks, the membrane was barely visible, doc said identical, but as the pregnancy progressed, their sacs became more defined and we had two placentas and they were labeled fraternal for the rest based on the two sac, two placenta thing.  After birth, we had genetic testing and they are in fact, identical.
Working on my BA in Art with a minor in Education with hopes of getting my Masters in Art Education directly afterward.
It's definitely far from forum crashing, I think the most valuable opinions would be from those like you, who have very personally experienced these issues that parents of multiples question every day.  Thanks so much for your insight :)
I don't want to sound negative regarding the mess issue (but no one else has said anything and I don't think we should create a forum of sunshine and lollipops just for the sake of "being positive"), my kids are 4, 4 and 8 and it is a constant losing battle with my house.  To blow smoke and insinuate that it wouldn't be an issue if you did this or that is doing a disservice to those who battle it day after day, year after year and still come out feeling as though it's...
What seemed like the longest 7 minutes of my life.
We are just in the beginning of dealing with this so I can't give you much experienced guidance or anything, just my thoughts on our own situation.  Our MZ girls are 4 (will be 5 in Feb) and are in pre-k this year.  At our school, twins are automatically put into separate classes unless specifically asked in writing to be kept together.  Being so young and having never experienced school or anything separate except maybe an outting alone with mom or dad, I decided to...
Mine are four now, but omg yes, the three's were crazy.  Just an encouraging word, although they are still their crazy selves, four has tamed them because they can sit for longer periods of time and are more engaged in doing projects (coloring, cutting paper-their newest obession! LOL, reading and playing).  The comradery that made them such stinkers also makes them amazing playmates, they can play imaginatively together for hours at a time, something that my older DD...
New Posts  All Forums: