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Hi all, I need some optimism!  I think I am pregnant (or my body is revolting against me) lol Here are my symptoms: high BBT, watery CM, light abdominal pressure and cramping, nausea, sore boobs Period was due yesterday The cons: negative POAS yesterday and today My chart (if you are interested): http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2e7903   please, someone tell me there is a great chance I am pregnant.  Has this happened to you? 
I really love Dr. Ann Marie nelson, DO. She has an office in Carmel. She is very respectful of our delayed/no VAX preference and is knowledgeable about holistic practices
We have been using NW and have had them ship to home, but I think my midwife had to sign something.  have you talked to any midwives, sometimes they are more relaxed  
Hey there!  We see Dr. Ann Marie Nelson (downtown and in Carmel) and she has been respectful about our vax decisions.  Dr "Katie" Kathryn Kasyjanski at Community Medical Pavilion on County Line Rd. is non vax friendly as is Dr. Mary Stine in Fountain Square You can also check with the Indiana Coalition for vaccination Choice (they should have a list) https://www.facebook.com/IndianaCoalitionForVaccinationChoice
I recommend Dr. Ann Marie Nelson, DO.  She practices downtown and in carmel.  She has been very supportive of our "crunchy" choices.
Sounds like there are a lot of barriers.  Is transferring care an option for you?  
For me, it would come down to how they are as a person. Do you feel their beliefs come through int heir practice and patient care?  If you click with her, i think that could be a great relationship!
Are you open to using a CPM?  Currently there are many midwives in the state who work with homebirth families, although the state currently doesn't license CPMs.  There is currently legislation in the statehouse to try to make this a happen, but it has not happened yet.   Have you thought about working with a CPM for a homebirth? It might be worth interviewing some of these midwives to see if you click with them.  If you are having a hard time locating a midwife, you...
I just sent you a PM  
is your name chelsey? I can tell her to expect your call  
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