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Livingsky....You have one cute lion
Maurine - Love the beer photo   Veggiemom - your kids look great.     Kya will be 3 months on Sunday and she's in a hurry to move. I guess there's too much to see and do already:)  
My little pumpkin and our pumpkin patch  
OMG everyone is so cute. I need to visit here more often.   SouthernStorm I love the pic and the expression......priceless Bethany great costume and pics of the two of your kids Cat 21 great pic, gotta love that surprised look Baby Cakes, you've got a handsome little man on your hands, great smile Chaika your little one looks so content, very sweet Sajgos, your 2 babies are adorable, I can't even imagine having 2, you must be one busy mom Crazy cat lady,...
Greenmama, Love those big blue eyes Aoife is sure cute in her costume, although she doesn't seem impressed:) Narleegates, that is a great owl hat, in addition to a great smile   I love seeing the pictures of them growing, it brings a smile to my face.  Thanks
I'd like to share my pumpkin with you:)      
I love my pumpkin and my pumpkin patch!!    
All these babies are soooo cute. Its so wonderful to see them grow.   Here is Kya, she is now 12 weeks. She loves blowing bubbles.   She 9 weeks here with her siblings  
Everyone seems to be doing great, it is very motivating to hear your stories. For moms who can't get away from your little ones yet, why not use them in your workout. I do a mom and baby boot camp class twice a week and we use the baby as our weight. My little one loves it when I do push ups over top of her. If you need ideas just go to youtube  where you'll find a lot of great exercises.
Isn't it amazing how fast they are all growing. It is wonderful to see all these great pictures of our little ones.   I can't wait to get Kya in a bumbo, I think she will love it. She's just not ready yet.     Kya at 9 weeks old, and hanging out with her siblings.
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