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I didn't read all the replies :)   We had DS in a Birthing Center that was attached to the hospital.  We were only "required" to stay four hours.  They gave us the lab orders and the card for the PKU testing and we just had to go to any lab within 24 hours to get it drawn.  As for vitamin K and the eye ointment we just denied it when it was offered.  I can't think of a single state that "requires" it.  If you don't want it then they can't make you do it.  
Is it really only $25?  That is a really good deal.  Some of the rental programs I have seen are way more money, so it never seamed worth it.  I haven't spent much on my NB diapers.  All of it is used, bought out of our used bin at the CD store I work at.  Most of the covers were $7 and prefolds were already prepped and $1.50 so totally worth it to me.  Plus I can resell them after I am done.  If that wasn't an option for me I could see how renting would be more cost...
Judy - I have short dizzy spells here and there too. For me I know it's a food issue and from my BP being on the lower end. I hate it. I had to fix a pair of DDs uniform pants this morning and of course got dizzy then. So annoying.
I would scrub the stains with a tooth brush and down then rinse then in the sunk to get most of the dawn out. It might take some major scrubbing depending on what kind of cream she used.
Ahhh!  I am 20 weeks today!  I had my first appointment with my new Midwife today.  It went well, this was the first time that anyone was able to find babies Heartbeat in less than 10 min.  I can't believe we are halfway there already.  I have my 20 week ultrasound on Friday.  We will not be finding out the gender, but it will be nice to see the baby again.  I really don't want to know what baby is, but I am worried that the tech will slip or we will accidentially see....
If you are going in a plane for vacation I would go now. You will be miserable if you have a sinus infection when you fly.
This is my third baby, first at home, and second birth with a Doula. As much as I love my DH he is not always the best support when I am in labor.  He just gets overwhealmed and doesn't like to see me in pain.  I am more having a doula for him that for me.  Last time she really helped direct him in what to do, and that in turn helped me.  I think that its good for him, he actually asked if we would be using our doula again.
Two table spoons with not do anything.  You need to drink a lot like 2 to 4 oz for it to work.  Its not going to do anything if you aren't in early labor and you are not ready.    With my DS my water had been broken for 10 hours and I was in a birthing center with a 24 hour rule, so under my MWs guidance we decided to try castor oil when my labor stalled and I was stuck at 5 cm.  It worked, but I don't think it would have done anything if I wasn't already in labor. 
I am late into this thread this week.  My laptop has been on the fritz and I have been on my phone.   Silvermoon - When I worked retail with both my previous pregnancies, I found that good shoes where super important to how my feet and legs felt after a shift.  I found that crocs (I KNOW, they are super ugly!) worked really well for me and helped a ton.  I am also tried to make sure that when I took my break that I put my feet up for most of it.     AFM -  We are...
Cute bellies! Here is mine 19 weeks 2? Days. Feeling big at times, but I had only gained 4lbs last time I weighed myself.
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