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I am not really sure, I would like another boy.  DH thinks boy just because of how tired that I am.  I think I am tired because I have TWO children to run after and I am completely over scheduled to the max.  We will find out in 8 months!
I have told most of my really good friends and most of the family.  We are taking the kids to WDW in October and I think I am going to buy some my first Mickey Ears and post a picture to announce on Facebook.  
Hi, I am new here to MDC.   I am 27 this is baby number 3.  I have an almost 5 year old DD and a 20 month old DS.  I am due around May 12th.   So far I feel really tired.  Like could lay down on the floor at any moment and fall right to sleep.  My super smeller has kicked in, and I am finding that random smells make me gag.  So far I don't totally feel pregnant, just bloated, and super cranky.
Thank you all so much!  Has anyone used Beth Barbeau in Ann Arbor?     Crayon - I grew up in Pinckeny and we are actually moving back to the area soon!  
Hi!  I am new to MDC and I am looking for some good homebirth resources in Michigan.  I am in Livingston County, but Ann Arbor is not far from us.  I have found the names of a few CPMs in the area but would love some personal recommendations.  Thanks in advance!
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