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We need to chat, I was looking into cost and what not for encapsulation locally.
Congrats! I was like that with DS too, I couldn't imagine having a boy. There are no boys in my family and I didn't know what to do with that little penis!
We do cloth.  :)   I did sposies with DD and when DS was two weeks we switched over.  I work at a CD store so I have tried everything.  I really love the simplicity of Flats and covers though.  I have some pockets for babysitters, but we mostly use the Flats.  You can make cloth diapering economical or expensive.  If you were to do flats and covers you could do it very inexpensively.  There are some one-size covers that may fit the average NB well, but I prefer NB...
Hi Everyone!  Its been super busy around here.  I feel like I need to catch up from all the laying around on the couch that I have done the last 10 weeks.  My house is truly a disaster.  I am feeling better nausea wise, but I have been having almost daily killer headaches.  They come and go through out the day, not bad enough to be a migraine, but annoying none the less.  I remember having them with DD, but I don't know if it was around this time or not.  It seems like...
I was on progesterone this pregnancy. I had a loss in October and my progesterone levels were low then and we did not supplement. This pregnancy when the tested my HCG my progesterone also came back low. I was on them from 4.5 weeks until 13 weeks. I had spotting a few times throughout the pregnancy, but all seems fine now at 15.5 weeks. Good luck!
I am not sure what we will do. I only think I can do it if it's in pill form. No smoothies here
I would do look for a midwife comfortable with concurrent care. I am currently seeing an OB who got me through the first trimester and a midwife who will hopefully deliver the baby.
As long as you are comfortable wearing him on your front I would keep doing it. I wore DD through almost my whole pregnancy with DS, and she was 2.5! I agree a wrap may work for you, on your front or on your back. Or maybe a really supportive ring sling for a hip carry? Is there a local baby boutique that you can go to and try stuff on?
DH and I have sort of come to love Toby. I don't know if it's a true "unisex" name but it's really growing on me.
Stuck in a big dent in my couch.
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