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I am jealous of you skinny girls! Here is my monster baby belly at 13 weeks 5 days. And ignore the dirty mirror. My DH has a toothpaste splatter issue.
Target was a bust. NOTHING was cute or fit. We also ran to Old Navy and Kohls. I found one over priced shirt at Kohls and a bathing suit I might take back. It fit today but in 4 months I don't know if it will. And it was like $46. I am going to check out Zulilly!
So our weather went from winter to 70s.  Michigan is so weird.  I have like 2 short sleeve shirts that are acceptable that fit.  Can anyone tell me why it is that my maternity cloths never fit from one kid to the next?  In all the clothes from DS I look frumpy unless they are fitted in the belly, which was not the case with him.  So weird.  I am going to Target tonight.  We will see if I can find something that looks OK.
I would expect that they will probably want to do something to ripen your cervix.  Possibly Cervadil or they could do a Foley catheter induction.  Good luck I hope it all works out for you!
Judybean - yay for the HB! AFM - I stopped the progesterone on Monday and had blood work on Tuesday. I called for the results and they were the highest we have ever seen at 34! The placenta has for sure taken over. I am hoping that stopping the progesterone will stop the headaches I had all last week.
It's not really in the cards right now. I don't want to change our car payment situation right now.
I have heard good things about Hurley.  I work with a lot of CPSTs there, but there are in the area of Pediatric Trauma Prevention.     I hope it all goes well!
  I am only 5 ft tall.  Not doable at all.  I have done it for the short term, but I am not doing it everyday at least 4x a day.  I am OK with DS going FFing at 3, plus I want to be able to hand his convertibles down to the baby.  It wouldn't make any sense for me to buy another set of convertibles when I can just buy boosters and then pass the convertibles to the baby and the FFing only seats down to DS.  DD has just about outgrown the Nautilus and the Frontier 85 so...
Good morning everyone!   To those having family drama I totally understand, sometimes its hard to believe that we are all adults with how family acts.   House arrangements, ugh.  We just moved into a bigger house last July.  Its three bedrooms, and I don't mind if my kids have to share rooms, but I am just not sure what we are going to do.  DD is getting to the age that she is going to want her own room, and DS is a terrible sleeper so I am not sure I want him to...
I have a Ford Freestyle.  Its fine, but I wish that we would have gotten one with a 2nd row bench instead of the captains chairs.  When the baby is born I will have to put two kids in the third row because I have to be able to tumble one of the 2nd row seats to access the 3rd row.  My tentative plan is to keep DS 2nd row because he is rearfacing still and its a pain in the butt to load a rearfacer in the third row. Then I will put the baby in the infant seat and DD in...
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