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weird that so many of aren't hungry. I've hardly eaten for 5 weeks now ( a week before birth). I'm simply not hungry. most of my nutrition has been from milk - irony at it's finest
Newborn Zelda (2 hours)         Zelda at 10 days
I didn't get out of bed except to pee for 5 days, barely got up for another 5, it wasn't until 12/13 days that I spent more time out of bed than in it. We had my computer set up so I could watch netflix from bed, had a freezer full of food and 2 other adults in the house to take care of the others. I"m so thankful to have 2 other adults in the house that work from home and who fully supported my babymoon and healing time. I've never had this luxury before - #1 was...
I've seen mommas pump to feed the baby a bit so they'd have the strength to nurse. might try that (along the lines of what another poster said) BEFORE trying to nurse each time so the babe will have energy for it
Pre:105 41 weeks 164 1 week PP: 136   Goal 112-115 ( I had actually lost a few pounds right before due to illness)   I'm in jeans one size bigger than my norm. 4th kid and I've never shrunk this quickly. I'm attributing it to the body work to fix my tailbone and pelvis.
PLEASE, contact LLL (La Leche League) and/or a Lactation Consultant. Pediatricians are usually not very good when it comes to this. Their first thought it supplement (formula or in this case fortifier)   Grab yourself some protien shakes instead! And try not to stress, it won't help. Focus on taking care of yourself, lots of skin to skin, nurse whenever she even hints that she might want it!  
hadn't thought of that. It's pouring here right now, but also is 40 degrees so I think I'd have to be inspired another way :)   She was born in a room very prepared to receive her. I had my birth altar, tapestries and lights, it had been cleansed and protected. Thank goodness actually, we heard a noise on the stairs and everyone was in the room with us. My midwife saw a shape moving outside the door to the room- wow! Zelda too has not left the room she was born into....
Zelda Solari Starr K. Dec 27th 4:11am 9lbs 3 oz 21-1/2 inches 14.5 head, 15 chest 41 weeks gestation (suspect closer to 42 though)   Successful home water birth will do birth story in the next few days - when she stops nursing ( I swear she has been latched 32 of the last 38 hours! )
ok didn't happen, reverted to prodromal. Ah well. I'm 40+5 now, this is the "latest" I've been. Had acupuncture Wednesday and am scheduled for it again this Wednesday if no baby. Leaking fluid but not actually broken (pretty normal for me)   eta - membranes were half gone on Friday night, so hubby stripped the rest. I'm at 4-5 cm as of last night.
40-+4 but likely will be today.
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