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Hey everyone - disappeared for a good long while, had some pretty bad birth trauma to contend with. Still sorting things out, but seeing the light. Solomon and I are doing well. It's so wonderful to hear everyone's good news and updates, and to see new faces in here. Congrats to all.
Conceived 5 cycles after having the Mirena out, miscarried at 12 weeks, conceived one cycle later - have a beautiful DS now.
We're financially solvent, with manageable "good" debt, but I'm still scared mostly of social judgement. I need to put it out of my head, but I don't know how. DH isn't remotely worried about it. When we had our most recent baby, I was so embarrassed by having midwives and our doula in our small, crappy apartment. After being in our place, the midwives kept mentioning resources for low-income families, even though we're doing ok - we'd just prefer to pay down student...
trekkingirl, can I modify any brownie recipe like that?
Lapoli, what's worked for me is filling half my plate with veggies at lunch and dinner, drinking big glasses of water at every meal, and eliminating high calorie drinks (juice, milk, coffee with cream and sugar) in favour of water and tea. Oh, and watching sugar intake.
Kawa, you have the same elbow tattoo as my DH! Gorgeous bellies, everyone.
Annie, what do you put in your green smoothie? I've been looking for a green smoothie recipe, so I'm asking all the smoothie drinkers I know.
It's Hebrew for bear, and it's pronounced like "He dove into the pool."
Hi everyone, sorry for the extended silence. Soloman Dov joined us at 9:20 AM on May 3, weighing 5 lb 4 oz, in hospital. We did end up staying a little longer than usual for some testing and observation, but everything looks good. We are blissful, and exhausted. And sore. Babymooning now, but I will pop back in shortly with photos and more of a birth story.   Warm thoughts to all of you!
Hey everyone, just a brief update to say that I think today might be the day!
New Posts  All Forums: