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I've owned a Nutrimill for 2 years. The first year I used it for grinding spelt exclusively, and was THRILLED with the pastry-fine flour it produced.   Recently I switched to hard white spring wheat (from Montana, the "Prairie Gold" chemical-free variety). Even on the highest setting the flour has a bit of a sandy feel, almost like cornmeal.   Alarmed, I called their customer service. Learned some very interesting things about the differences between grains. The...
Ok thanks. I checked our library for her name and came up with nothing. Maybe her book will be released in the States eventually :)
Thanks for posting this.   I wonder whether there is any benefit to alternating no-carb meals with no-fat meals? I am familiar with low-carb dieting and how it works by getting your body into ketosis mode. But that doesn't happen until you've been carb-free for several days. It would not work if you were eating oatmeal for breakfast and steak for dinner. So what is the benefit of alternating meals? I wonder if this diet works mainly just because it gets people off...
Blackberries are ripe! Here's an easy wine recipe. I am going to try it, except I'll omit the boiling water step since it would harm the natural yeast that comes on the berries (contrary to popular misconception, very little yeast is carried in the air - sourdough and wine yeast are already present on the grain/fruit).   Happy winemaking!   http://www.wine-making-recipes.net/unbelievably-easy-to-make-lovely-red-sparkling-homemade-wine-no-yeast-needed
What is the WAP recommended daily amount of calcium? And for children? I haven't had any luck finding it on their website, or in NT either. Thanks to anyone who can help!
I educated myself during the pregnancy by reading Bradley books, Ina May's Guide to Childbirth, and others. Then, knowing what I wanted my birth experience to be like, I interviewed 5 local midwives until I found one whose philosophy of birth matched mine. So I had a home waterbirth with an experienced midwife in attendence, and loved it so much that we did the same again with our next baby a few years later :)
My crockpot's "warm" setting will simmer water, so that's too hot ;) But you could try following the instructions for other types of grains, like the way people sprout wheat. I don't know whether rice will sprout but it might be worth at try.
Yes, from what I can tell, the Utah salt mine supplies Redmond RealSalt brand and they also sell non-brand-name salt to places like San Francisco Salt Company (right? I think I saw it there). Anyway yes it's delicious too :)
San Francisco Salt Company was great to do business with and I gladly recommend them. I bought 25 lbs of the "sherpa pink" salt in fine grade (it still needs to be run through a coffee grinder because the grains are a bit too large for a salt shaker). We've been using it for all our cooking and baking for about 6 months now, and I must say that pink salt has great flavor!   If I remember correctly, their site explains that all their Himalayan Pink salt is culinary...
Apart from the questions about the validity of her facts - I am not a Fallon fan because of the militant and antagonistic tone of voice in her writing. When a friend expresses interest in TF, I refer them to Jordan Rubin's book The Maker's Diet. It is readable and fascinating. His personal journey from extremely poor health (Crohn's and IBS) to excellent health through traditional foods is intriguing. Also he mentions other aspects of our modern life that contribute to...
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