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Thats so sweet Chrissy. My pups will have to do this year. Happy Mothers Day to you all too.
Stevi- I'm sorry this is the end of the road for you. I hope you continue to pursue your dream of motherhood through foster/adoption as you've talked about before. You've been a fixture on MDC during my journey & I wish you all the best of luck & love in your future.
Ohh adie I'm so sorry. We're you having pain? Why the ER? Praying for you & DH.
Here's mine. I got some little silver beads to put between them.
Seriously?! Made it to Cali before Chicago! Did daurelia get hers? Maybe you have a crummy postman.
Only have a second, jpack- our doc must've been overwhelmed with both of us being pushy today!! Trying to stay away & just let things happen.
SKJ- wonderful news!!! A little girl! What a relief!
Laggie- sending strength your way through this awful time. It is so so unfair & just not even explainable how sad. I'm so sorry for what you're going through & the emotions that never go away. It just breaks my heart all over again. Hope the d&c goes smoothly. I know there's opposing views but I really felt it was the best thing for us too. Let me know if you want to talk, I know this isn't your first go at this but if you need anything I'm here. RCR- we do need some good...
Lucille that is wonderful!!!
Sourire- I'm so sorry you're just being strung along. There's no easy way to get answers & it's especially hard when your gut tells you to start grieving & your mind wants to hang on to a piece of hope. I'll keep praying that the small babe is hanging on & making a comeback. Teresa- I'd ask them if its okay. Only because I read somewhere that the lining age has to match up with embryo age or it can cause implantation failure (which can be the cause of infertility in...
New Posts  All Forums: