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http://wholechildcenter.org/ dr Rosen website
Dr Rosen's practice. Crunchy as they come. I think Oradell?
Dr Rosen.
We have been buying random brands of tea tree oil over the years in our house but I am just now really taking a look at those random bottles my dh gets from pharmacies, etc.   I am just starting to introduce myself and family to more EOs. Starting with cleaners and some skin application for when my kiddos have colds.      But I am so confused on how to compare them and what's the best for our situation. I've heard Young Living, do-terra, the Native American something...
Hi all! Wanted to follow up for future searches. I purchased the book but have yet to read it. Also, I scoured my area for tick control services and found Tick Tackler in NJ. Homegrown business and she didnt want to kill every bug on my lawn like most others!
Thanks for following up interesting!
Not much time to write but I will say that I'm on this forum for the same reason as everyone else here and am feeding my family gluten free, whole foods, and my toddlers breast milk like many are. However, I have worked with kids on the spectrum and have yet to find peer reviewed research on the topic (anyone?) or any changes in the dozens of severely affected kids I've worked with who went GFCF (maybe they weren't truly clean though?). IMO, the best you can do is work...
My holistic dr suggested innate response daily multi but I found I was feeling oodles of energy w source naturals multi for women (I think it's more synthetic). Ill probably be going back to source naturals when my innate response is done. This is along w fish oil, extra d (sources I read and my holistic dr claim we don't get nearly enough), ubiquinol (for migraines), and vit b complex (I'm low in b). Best of luck!
Sue, Thank you so much! I'm going to check this out Sandy
Thanks everyone. Unless we want to do a very expensive tree removal, moving the garden and growing our favorite sun loving veggies isn't an option. And the chickens also not an option since we have a fox den and an unwilling husband. I would love the name of that book though!
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