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I recently failed a medicated follistism IVF cycle and I have some left over meds. IVF is so expensive and  between waiting to do another IVF cycle I thought I could use the left over meds and hopefully get pregnant on my own. I was thinking about using the left over meds, OPK's and  timed intercourse. I'm also going to use some instead cups. I would like to know if anyone has attempted an unmonitored follistism cycle and was it successful. What...
Kristin0105 - The reason that I said Hemp was good for fertility is because it is considered to being a complete food. Hemp has huge amount of protein, essential amino acids, and important enzymes. Which is necessary for fertility.S if you are trying to conceive and want to start supplementing with a high protein diet (which you should) then Hemp is the best way to go.
Kewpie80 - Oh my!!! I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep you in my prayers!! God Bless!!!
Silverbird - I would love the recipe. The reason that I started researching and taking hemp because I read several articles that Hemp is a complete protein food because it has all of the antioxidants in it. It is said that Hemp has huge amount of protein, essential amino acids, and important enzymes. Which is necessary for fertility. Thanks a bunch!!!
RCR -  Here is the list of vitamins and supplements that I am taking. Let me know if you have any questions.   Disclaimer: Please note that the information found below is solely based upon my own research and judgement. I am not advocating anything. This information is solely for the purpose of education and information. No one is required to follow any of the instructions listed below. You may do so at your own free will. Please research any of the information found...
Sarahcecile - You must remain positive and dont stress yourself out. Stress can cause more problems than its worth.   I am saying a cheer for you "Go embryo Go (clap, clap) Go embryo Go!!! I hope that cheered you up. : )  
Ladies!!!! I hope I have not offended anyone by posting information about Vitamins and Minerals. I am only posting this information because I think it maybe beneficial to us. I just want to share with you valuable information that may help us all reach our goals to become parents.
(Part 2) Vitamin E (Wheat germ oil)   VITAMIN E PREVENTS MISCARRIAGE   1922 was the year the USSR was formed and "Little Orphan Annie" began.Trumpeter Al Hirt and future heart transplant pioneer Christiaan Barnard were born. Alexander Graham Bell died. And vitamin E was discovered by H. M. Evans and K. S. Bishop. (8)   In 1936, Evans' team had isolated alpha tocopherol from wheat germ oil and vitamin E was beginning to be widely appreciated, and the...
(Part 1)  Miscarriage and Spontaneous abortion = Vitamin C & E Helps hold a pregnancy!!!!   Several friends, who are Catholic missionary sisters, asked me if vitamin C supplementation would help the people they work with in the South American rainforests.  Since I think supplemental C is valuable for all humans, I said “yes.” They took it from there, and for several years now have been giving multi-thousand-milligram doses of ascorbic acid powder to the natives...
Sarahcecile - Oh My God!!!!!!  That is totally Awesome!!!!   You are the 1st (I believe) in our group to get a BFP!!!!  2011 is already starting off with a bang. : ) My new Motto is: 2011 will bring us all a gift from Heaven.
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