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Oh this thing is making me mad! It won't let me use the "quote" feature. I'm ready to punch it!  Um...yeah, rage anyone?!    tinyblackdot~ I think what you are feeling is round ligament pain. Mine has gotten worse and happened earlier with all of my pregnancies. I'm six weeks today and already experiencing it. It's like a sharp pain, or sometimes burning feeling on your lower abdomin toward the sides. Make any sense? My guess is that is what you are...
Is grouchy a symptom?   Yeah, I'm pretty moody. Really trying to be nice though. My dh can't stand the mood swings when I'm pregnant. He works away from home now, so he doesn't have to see me everyday. Lucky him, cuz it's pretty bad right now.   mamapigeon~ Hope things are ok for you and that your spotting stopped.
We're getting a good group going! Yay!   All is well here. I'm super tired and have to make sure I eat often enough. Dh made kabobs for me for Mothers Day. I was all excited, then couldn't hardly stand to eat them! I hate that! I won't complain though. I do feel pretty good!
Glad to hear everyone is having symptoms, but sorry for the not so funs stuff!   I am exhausted, and a little nauseous at times, but it's not constant. So nothing too serious, but enough to remind me somethings going on in there! :)   My dh is home for the weekend and I get my oldest ds this weekend too, so I won't be on much this weekend. Everyone have a great weekend!
Hi Mamas! Just thought we could have a general chit-chat area.   How are you feeling? Symptoms yet?   I started feeling nauseous yesterday, and super tired. I thought maybe I was getting the stomach bug that my brother and his family had, but maybe not. Still not 100% sure, but I really hope its symptoms!   I've lost my last three pregnancies, so I'm feeling pretty disconnected this time. I'm excited, but gaurded. I haven't been willing to think too far in...
Name: Amber EDD:  January 12, but I always go late. #Pregnancy/baby: 8th pregnancy, 5th baby Your age/age at the birth: 31/32 Family: My awesome dh of 10.5 years, ds 15, ds 9, dd 7, ds 4. How long did it take to get your BFP: My most recent loss was in Jan and we've been preventing since then, this was a heat of the moment, "are we both ready??? Sure, I guess!!" thing. Not the most romantic...but hey! :) Birth plans: At home like my last 3 have been. I'd love...
Thank you! :)
Ok, just re-read first post. Not why it didn't all click the first time I read it, but I think I understand now. :)   autumngrey~ I'm happy to be a leader! I'm excited to have a DDC!
Sure! I only hesitate a little because I've lost my last three pregnancies. If I happen to lose this baby also, will someone else be able to take over?? 
Just trying to understand...Will a january 2013 automatically be created or do I need to volenteer to be a leader?
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