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Hi Mamas! Just popping in to say hello! I looked at the belly pic thread and you ladies look amazing! I want to check in every now and then and for sure in June/July! I can't believe some of you are 20 weeks already! It's going so fast! (Easy for me to say, right! :) ) Anyway, hope all is well with everyone!  
Raegan I'm so sorry! I agree that waiting is the hardest part. I was so grateful this time that I didn't know that I had a blighted ovum. I waited for over a week to deliver my last baby (twin #2 at almost 19 weeks). Know that I am thinking of you. Have faith in your body to do what it needs to do to to complete this process. Let me know how your doing. So sorry, mama. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Updated to here ladies. If someone would like to take over this thread since I'm out, I would appreciate it. You can just contact the mod to see about how to change it. Thanks and good luck mamas!!
Oh no Raegan!! What's going on???   Thanks ladies...I'm always amazed by the support of women! You guys are great! And we had told everyone over the Christmas holiday and I'm amazed at the emails, phone calls and texts I'm getting from the women in my life! It's so great to feel loved and supported.
I just finished my miscarriage this afternoon. I opted to stay at home. My mw is 4 hours away so from what we've been able to converse over the phone she's assuming blighted ovum. I delivered a placenta only. No baby. There was a small mass/pocket that did have a small amount of fluid and tissue in it. I have no experience with this, so I'm not sure.   I am at peace. I honestly believe the Lord has a plan for me and my life. This is part of it, for whatever...
Ok, it's all over now. That happened much quicker than I anticipated.   Diana~ We're not sure. I just went ahead and stayed home. My mw is 4 hours away so we've just been conversing over the phone. She's guessing a blighted ovum at this point. I only passed a rather large placenta. There was no baby as I had anticipated there would be. There was a small mass attached to the placenta. I opened it up and there was some fluid and some tissue. So from as well as I can...
Apparently my instincts suck. I'm at the beginning of a miscarriage again. Thanks ladies for your support! Good luck to all of you! :)
Thanks sjdragonfly!  I think I'm ok. I seriously cannot believe how stressful this had been. I had no idea a PAL would be this way. Anyway, my MIL does energy work and she worked on me yesterday. I really do feel that everything is ok for now. I only had that little bit of spotting, no more. I'm feeling much more positive and hopeful. :)
I will make the changes! And Charliemae, we are stickied! Look at the very, very top of all the threads...You'll see us there! :)
Not working for me either.  
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