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I've lost two pregnancies. The first was about a year and a half ago. I had bleeding from 7-9 weeks that we couldn't quite figure out. An ultrasound at 10 weeks confirmed one baby right on schedule. Then I had bleeding again at around 18 weeks. We couldn't get a heartbeat and ultrasound confirmed I'd lost my little boy. At delivery we learned the bleeding early on was a twin. I had a small placenta fused to the 18 weekers placenta. Then is July of this year I had a very...
I'm way behind so I won't even attempt to do personals...Just that I'm sorry to those feeling really sickly. I'm getting there  myself. Seems to get a little worse each day. I'm only 5w2d so we'll see. Sickness is the least of my worries at this point though. I was playing volleyball Wed night and came down from a block and tore all the ligaments and tendons in my ankle. I have no idea how I managed it. So frustrating. I'm on crutches and that is such a pain in the...
I would be interested!  
So I went to the gym this morning and when I got inside I realized I actually forgot my shoes I workout in. I had on big winter boots because we'd had a snow storm. Not very comfy to workout in just socks!!
So sorry mama! Good luck to you in ttc! I hope it happens quickly for you! Take care of yourself!
I haven't been on for a couple days. Looks like we have more mamas joining us! Yay!! I haven't had time time read all the posts very well. Seems like there is lots of talk about twins though...I am thinking/hoping I might be that lucky this time too! My first miscarriage was twins (lost the first between 7-9 weeks and my little boy at 19 weeks)  and I'd love to be able to have the opportunity to carry twins to term! But even if it's not me, I sure hope we get some twin...
So sorry mama!
LOL! The egg situation stayed with me all morning. I've had this weird thing with eggs the last little while anyway. Like maybe I'm developing and allergy or something. If I eat them, my throat gets tingly and slightly swollen and just feels weird. Well eggs sounded really good this a.m. so I thought I'd have one. Ummm, not a good idea at all. I'm not sure it even lasted a full two minutes in my stomach! My dh laughed! I'm so happy to be feeling pregnant that I don't...
I will never eat another egg again...as long as I live.  That is all.
I have taken 5 cheapie tests, the first one is the darkest and the last is the lightest and the middle ones vary. I just took a First Response Rapid Result and its not super dark either. I agree that a line is a line is a line...I think there are just too many variables to depend on the color of your line. :)  
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