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YAY!! I got a BFP on a "real test". Not sure why that made me feel so much better but it did! I'm really hoping this one hangs on. :)  Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement!   SamsMuffin~ Sorry your appt didn't go as you expected! I'm interersted to see how your appt at the Farm goes! That would be cool!   WendyJo~ Yay for the sleeping through the night! That's always so great. My "baby" is 4 now...It will be like starting all over for me when my little...
I find myself strangely unattached at this point. With all my other pregnancies, the pregnancy consumed me and was all I thought about all the time. This baby was planned and very wanted. I'm assuming my lack of feeling at this point is a couple of things. I'm still having a hard time believing that I really am pregnant. Silly I know since I have 5 BFP's sitting in my bathroom!  They are internet cheapies though and they take forever to show the 2nd  line. I will buy a...
Hi mamas!   1. July 18th (my dh's bday) 2. I have 4 children and 3 babies in heaven. 3. I will have a homebirth as I have with all my babies except my 1st which was a csection. 4. We live a crazy life. We have crazy business' with crazy schedules. We also homeschool.
Hi all! I haven't been on MDC for a while and it's so different now. It will take some getting used too! I started a new thread but will introduce myself here too I suppose. I have 3 very faint BFP's sitting in my bathroom. I'm really hoping it's real. I didnt' think there was anyway we caught it this month. My cycles have been wacky since my loss in July. Anyway...I am super excited if this is real. I will buy a "real" test tomorrow. I'm hoping I get to stick around!  
Hi Everyone. . I've gotten 3 very faint positives in the last couple of days on cheapie tests. I'm really hoping so! I've had a couple losses and am hoping this one will stick! If so I'm due on my dh's birthday and will get my 2nd July baby!! I'm so excited!
My stay here was short. I went on vacation last week and started bleeding the night before my plane left. I spent my vacation losing my baby. I"m not sure I've processed it emotionally yet. I wish I knew what was going on with me. I lost twins my last pregnancy. One at about 7ish weeks and the other I delivered at 19 weeks but he was only about 15 1/2 weeks gestation. Then this. I'm not sure what this means for me. It's just frustrating.   Good luck to all you...
Honestly, I have no idea when I o'd. It was a crazy month and dh was out of town most of the month. I was a little surprised with the bfp I got because I thought we were too late.   I got another bfn on a digital this morning. Grrr...I'm a week late with my period. I've always gotten bfp's early on, so I'll be buying a FRER today. I'm sure I'm pregnant, this is just bugging me!
So I got a very faint positive Sunday morning. I had been testing for a few days previous and they'd all been BFN's. When I got my faint BFP on Sunday I was super excited. Today I took a Clear Blue digital just to confirm and got "NOT PREGNANT". What the heck is going on? I know I'm pregnant. I never miss a period. Ever. Anyone ever had a digital say they weren't when they were?? I'm planning on testing first thing tomorrow morning. I'm hoping maybe because I'd been...
Only my dh, best friend, and sil know. I'm planning on telling my other sil soon also. I lost my last pregnancy at almost 19 weeks. There is no way I can hide it very long but I'm going to try to hold out until 10 or 12 weeks. We'll see how well I do!
I'm 4w5d and I'm not having too many symptoms yet. I do have to pee much more often and last night the crazy dreams started. I've been a little crampy here and there also.
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