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I'm up near Portland now but used to live down there. It IS hard to meet people...try to go to the Country Faire this year OCF and maybe you'll make some connections there.
I don't know about preschools but you're in Beaverton and the public schools have some bilingual/immersion programs. Portland has a few private preschools that fit what you're looking for.
Things that seem to entertain my kids the most in the yard: digging, rocks/sticks/bugs, throwing balls, bird watching, water play, bubbles, gardening. The only things I've purchased are a few kid sized garden tools, a kiddie pool, a few balls, a magnifying glass, sidewalk chalk, and a couple of bird feeders. We live near several parks.
DS2 naps a lot in an Ergo. It's not intentional on my part, but if he's in there long enough, he tends to pass out regardless of whether or not it's nap time. On really busy days, I take advantage of this tendency, but he will nap elsewhere.
At 10 months this is pretty normal-- probably a growth spurt.
Totally normal. Mine went around once a week at that age.
I remember feeling this way when DS1 weaned abruptly.
Probably just a normal growth spurt. Mine grew a bunch around that time.
DS2 didn't really eat any appreciable amount of solids until after 12 mos.
Hate to say it but he sounds like pretty much every 4-year old boy I've ever known... Try to focus more on the positives--praise him when he gets it right, shows signs of maturity, thoughtfulness, etc. I find punishment other than natural consequences does not seem to help motivate change that much.
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