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I remember feeling this way when DS1 weaned abruptly.
Probably just a normal growth spurt. Mine grew a bunch around that time.
DS2 didn't really eat any appreciable amount of solids until after 12 mos.
Hate to say it but he sounds like pretty much every 4-year old boy I've ever known... Try to focus more on the positives--praise him when he gets it right, shows signs of maturity, thoughtfulness, etc. I find punishment other than natural consequences does not seem to help motivate change that much.
My 12 month old has consistently acted tired an hour or two after waking up, but usually won't nap unless its 2-3 hours since wake up.
I hate birthday parties.
Regressions are normal! Don't sweat the night time thing-- that's a whole different ball game.
Get familiar with Kellymom, the LLL archives, and Dr. Jack Newman. Great places to find answers.
It just made the most sense.
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