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A bunch of Trader Joes items here too...with just the four of us, there's no point in getting all elaborate.
Maybe you could hire a tutor to work in your home?
Looks useful, although probably in ways other than what you may be thinking. Babies usually have their own ideas about where they're willing to sleep.
Incentives seem to help my kiddo during regressions. And it helps to keep the focus positive.
Working on the communication will decrease the behavior. Redirect as much as you can, and model alternative ways of communicating frustration that are more acceptable. Praise him when he's doing well. These basic mind sets helped me deal with my son when he was going through this phase. It is normal and will fade when he learns better ways to communicate with others.
I basically do what skinny love bc does: make a cup of tea, give the baby 2 oz and drink the rest. He does seem to wake up a little less, and I feel more relaxed. Some kids just aren't good sleepers--mine isn't. About 4 years ago I saw they had done a study on the efficacy of chamomile on reducing colic, and it did reduce the crying. I use it when the kids are miserable, teething, or out of sorts. Seems to help and it's gentle.
I offer my kid one chance to clean it up, then I confiscate and remove. It's punitive but highly effective.
I don't like people touching my kids or me...it just bugs me.
I've done it before...when your kids get older they may lock you out on purpose. I never set foot outside for any reason anymore unless I have my keys.
New Posts  All Forums: